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  1. So i was bored on emerald then war occured. I was a lvl 4 Rouge and suprisingly result was 2-2. So i wanted to create a rap for MC's and forsaken. P.s. The lyrics mabe bad. (it's my first rap) I want to motivate the legion to fight on war and not quit. MC's are the best. Kicking elves right out their nest's. While druid's bend earth to will. The lightning strikes upon the hill. Barb's are choppin necks, so furious a a t-rex! Nothing can stop their fury, even their after the bury. Walking silent like ghost, killing people unlike the most. You are dead when you mess with rogue, he will just empty his poison gauge.
  2. I get it. Playstyle can herdly change.
  3. Well arena is random. When you kill people at road you know who you are dealing with. You can also troll them XD Pvp can be hard but with expert skills is way easier.
  4. Agree stealth is the base of a rogue.Gouge is also a skill that makes people make a rogue.
  5. IN THIS TOPIC YOU CAN SAY FOR WHAT PURPOSE YOU CRATED YOUR ROGUE. I CRATED MY ROGUE BECOUSE IT OFFERD MY FAVOURITE PLAY STYLE. I WANTED TO DOMINATE THE ARENA (XD now i realized i write in caps) but that didnt go well so i thout: Hmmmm maybe dg? Well that went well but i got bored quickly. Now im ambushing elves on second island and that is fun:)
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