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  1. hope so my progress in making 100days online in a row achivement will be hold.... due to fact that theres 4 or 5h left to switch 24h perdiod in game and theres still no option to download the new client and log into the game. I will be RLY RLY mad if i loose my progress in this achivement 2 or 3 days before i could sucessfully end it.
  2. So if theres a player lvl 6 that is log in same time 10 cahrs for 5x5 arena he should be baned? he did it for every 2x2///3x3//5x5 arenas and he block arenas that way ;/
  3. Why 1 person is avaible to log 10chars and go arena 5x5 or 3x3 or 2x2 as many times as he want? Any rules for this? or this player can just spam and block arena for their chars and ruin fun of this game? just bcoz they spend money? We (fair players) make many more ppl to spend realm mony for this game than 1unfair player couse we together can buy much more tkts from the dealer than 1 unfair player can buy from mc shop dont u see that gms? The more tkts we buy from dealer ther more ppl buy fres tkts from dealerand put then to dealer dont u rly see that Gms?
  4. As topic says: How many characters one players allowed to log into the battle at once? Any rules about that?
  5. Arena manager "Match" 2x2 3x3 5x5 all lvls... for example our lvl 6 pt meet in 3x3 24lvls,20lvls and 14lvls cmon... many screens.
  6. Like the protos dragon unit in starcraft said : "I have retarun" - Idassile
  7. Hi there, After my phone crash over year ago i tought there's no way to get my acc back w/o registered email. Nowdays i think maybe becouse of "autumn blues" i decide to test my luck and recover my acc. got 6 chars 2 high/mid lvls and most important to me 4x lvl 6 arena fighters including Idassile - my beloved bd and greate arena fighter. I've already sent a ticket request about it and describe there my whole story. Atm im trying restore data from any devices i have left and i ever played WS on. Hope so i will get it back one way or another. Ofc im rdy to answer some gm's/admins question about my acc any time they want via email. Guys wish me luck! Łukasz (Idassile) EU Emerald
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