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  1. Of course it is a shame, that one side is superior to the other one, but there isn't much to do to fix it
  2. No. Just no. The point of this game is that each faction has different economy. If you want cheap weapons, go on elf side. If you want cheap mcoin items, go on mcaken. That's how this game is supposed to be.
  3. It is the official reason. The whole idea of WARspear is that there is a huge war and you get to choose your side.
  4. There's a state of war between mcaken and elves. No means of communications are intended in the near future
  5. I don't know if this is the currently active topic on this category, but I had an idea for mages to make them survive slightly better in pvp: Illusion wings Mage casts a buff upon himself. While the buff is active, it is impossible to immobilize the mage. (Example: When mage has Illusion wings active and a bd uses ham on mage, the mage can't use skills, takes dmg but can still move). The effect would last around 10 secs (Maybe less?) and the cooldown would be around 20 secs (Maybe less?). Energy cost 20 energy The effect would show white angel wings on mage when active Cannot be cast upon allies. I feel like this is a skill that a mage lacks. It gives mage little more time to stay alive instead of just sitting in the middle of fight like a piece of meat. Maybe devs already have a better solution, but it's still a cool sounding skill, right:D
  6. "I am the death of all evil. I will burn my enemies to ashes. I will use my power how I want as it is my birth right. I did not get this power for free. I suffered, I felt pain I lost a part of myself. I was born in a village with no future, no hope. As the war of the spear trembled upon my homelands, I lost the last things I owned - my family, my lands, my house. I was destroyed. The people who cared where gone. The rooms, which were familiar were ashes in the ground I used to farm. But I knew I would stand up to those who destroyed my world. I am a dragon by my blood, like my father was before me and how his father was before him. I let the rage upon my soul get free. I tunneled the power in my blood to the outside world through my hands. All I could see was the flames. All I could hear was the shouts of pain of my enemies. All I could smell was the smell of their bodies burning. I am the death of all evil. I am the Arc mage, the flame weaver." ~Agyzi the Arc mage A quote from Agyzi, the first mage. So what do you think, is it entertaining to read?
  7. When I was participating to the "New boss" competition on forums, I had to write a story. I actually enjoyed it quite a lot and thought maybe I'm not the only one. That's why I thought, it would be a good idea to make a topic where anyone could write his own piece of lore or just a random story which would loosely fall under the category of warspear lore. So be creative and tell me something epic! Note: Listen to some epic music while reading. Makes it 10 times better
  8. It's already fixed. It was only a bug
  9. My druid is only lvl20, but at lvl22 my build would be Bolt 1 Heal 5 Barkskin 1 Root 5 Bees 3 Power of water 3 Link 2 Root > Bees > Bolt
  10. Interesting. So it would work like clash of clans trophy counter? It sounds good, but how does one gain ranking points if every party has 0 ranking points in the start? Maybe the amount of prize would depend on how big the gap between your party's and enemy party's ranking points?
  11. Nah I think rogue is a well balanced class atm. There's no need to do such a great buff
  12. No they shouldn't. In game signs are the only real thing keeping the economy going. If signs were cheap, there wouldn't be any good ways of changing mcoins to gold, which would cause less people to buy mcoins
  13. That's why I made this guide I hope in future I would see more teamwork on random parties
  14. Ooh I like the story And lab II, yeah that's cool stuff.
  15. A priest can run around forever, but you only need to catch him twice
  16. Yeah leave the runners alone, but I think amped rogues are pretty important to kill first?
  17. Interesting, but isn't Nuadu kinda goddess of the nature. Although I don't think it's ever mentioned in the lore. Great story, which implements Ivyseekers skills very well. I like it
  18. Sentinel arena tips (Inspired by Nabnecro) Here are some tips for sentinel players on arena. These tips apply on different arena situations, but I try my best to describe the situation. Ranger Try to stay behind your tank. If enemy team has rogue(s), put a trap in a strategic place, where they probably step on it. Target enemy healers or damage dealers. Scatter shot is best used at rogues or death knights after they pulled you. Don't use blessing before you need it. Combos: 1 2 3 4 Blessing>Normal shot+powerful shot>scatter>trap if you or team healer is targetet > Repeat part 1 and 2 if enemies target your tank. Blade dancer Ummm... avoid aoe stuns and nuke healers with ham? This is basic sh*t. Combos: 1 2 3 Ham>Flash strike>Sap, if you are targetet, repeat from part 1 or 2 >Agro, if your healer/dmg is targetet, repeat from part 1 or 2 Druid On 2v2 healer is probably the easiest target, so heal yourself. On 5v5 you could also heal your tank class. Against shaman use root when his heal is about to fade. Do not run on your own, just because some shaman is running away because your about to kill him. Instead target their damage dealers (Rogue/warlock). Combos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Kiting: Root>Normal hit/Heal>Lightning>Bees>Run>repeat Mage When using warp don't tele to circle or pool. Don't use chains before dk pull or rogue jump. Try to nuke the weakest character first with 3 dmg skills. Also ask your team to attack aggressively to not make you warp alone in the middle of enemies (Yeah like that's gonna happen with random party). Combos: 1 2 3 4 5 Against casters: Fireball>Warp>Shatters>Repeat/chains>Repeat 1 2 3 4 5 6 Against melee: Fireball>Warp>Chains>Shatters>Fireball>Kite with ball until you have chains back Paladin On 5v5 fetters is your best skill so use it in a effective way where it stuns many people at right time (You could time it like druid root). On 2v2 use fetters for purification combo. heal the wounded, if possible. Combos: 1 2h Foj>Purification (Sorry I haven't really played pala) Priest On 2v2 shield yourself. Use armistice on enemy's dmg dealing class and shield your friend, is a one way to play with a strong friend. Use word power on enemy casters. On 5v5 you could also shield your tank or mage. If a rogue sneaks up to you, you have 2 options: use armistice (good option), use word power to pvp him (good option if you are strong enough and are able to heal your allies at the same time). Against healers word power is a tool to make them wait their heal. Try to stay away from the middle of the battle and support your team. Combos: 1 2 3 4 Against healers: Shield>Word power>Tears>Heal/Shield/Armistice/Repeat/Normal hit (Really situational. You just gotta learn when you need heal) 1 2 3 4 Against non healers: Shield>Tear>Word power>Heal/Shield/Armistice/Repeat/Normal hit (Really situational. You just gotta learn when you need heal) Other tips Leave the runners alone, if you have other targets. Try to position yourself in a way where you are close to enemy healers, but stay away from enemy damage dealers Tell me your feedback and own tips! Also tell me, if this was self-evident. Edits: Combos added!
  19. Skills? Behavior? Why did he betray the gods? Why did he want to bond to both sides?
  20. Cool drawing! You could've used more adjectives on the lore to make it more interesting
  21. 185 million? You mean 1,85m I assume. Good lore and picture. Well chosen skills, not too op. I like it, although he's kinda Sam Hein repetition
  22. ninjamato

    revive skill

    Nah it would be a little op On arena 5 priests would be able to revive infinitely, because cool downs reset when you die
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