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  1. Ty now i know how to make thoese
  2. Nice, verry good guide. I use my skill points a little bit diffrend way
  3. If you are not high ampped, its not any problem! I dont know much abaut other class's but if u are druid, you can be +6-8 and you can win +9-10 if you have used your skill points to rigth skills. My PvP skill tree is : Healing Dew 5/5 Lightning Bolt 5/5 Roots 3/5 Forest Song 3/4 Power of Water 2/4 If I want hunt/farm, i use this : Healing Dew 5/5 Barkskin 5/5 Secret Link 4/4 Roots 5/5 Thanks from reeding my topic , hope i helped you .
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