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  1. Yep! This was digitaly made on Paint tool SAI
  2. Yeah I meant the Hands to be like that 5 on the right and Four on the left The writing in his armor means "Kuroun" my Pen name ^^
  3. I'm Gonna Update this Whenever I think of something new (story, skills, colors etc.) Stay Tuned! Souzin was once a member of the United Sanctuary, a Band of Knights that fights for the Light; He was one of Uninited Sanctuary's strongest Knights; he was known for his stealth moves but carries a huge sword. One night there was a Murder the United Sanctuary Hub and there was an eye witness and he believed that the killer was Souzin (but he Didn't do it) , and for that Souzin was banished from the United Sanctuary and the Kingdom. And Souzin Filled with Hatred began his journey and Crashed in
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