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  1. Very cool contest seen alot of fakes & seen alot of good stuff!
  2. well atleast people stopped trying to cheat for now lol only a couple more days till contest is on!
  3. I'd have to agree it would help the game abit more making those active players stick together! as for azebu hes just ignorant & doesnt understand. small group of friends lol thats what your friends list is for with more active players pushed into already made legitimate guilds that means more players getting help, less noobs wasting time & more players moving on up thus helping the economy of the game. simple.
  4. Message ether me or Graav or Dankrupt in game if you're active & can make 500gp + a week
  5. You guys are so ignorant he was posting this as he developed it I've used xpaddler and it sucks so hard. I first person have tried the prototype of graav's program & its very rough atm but i can load up a profile optimized fully just for my shaman so id like to see xpaddler do that in a second. sounds like azebu is just a hater of dreamers with great ideas to me lol i dont blame graav for not taking ur shit after reading this topoc
  6. Brilliant, if we can get enough people on board these whole War Events won't be a mass slaughter anymore
  7. Seems like alot of people kept trying to run off from graav's topic to me considering its a topic posted for graav's program and not about other programs you guys should pretty much feel to blame for him not wanting to share his idea/program now cause you keep ranting on about xpaddler before the poor kid got to even released it. damn. honestly ive used xpaddler and it sucks balls on warspear lol
  8. you cant tell me you elf lovers dont hate Twobluntz & Graav bro we destory you guys all the timeeee
  9. yeah I'd like to see your boss without the background you provided
  10. lol no need bro sick already it's nothing like deathwing idk where that came from they must be grasping at straws to talk shit to you xD
  11. Best drawing I've seen so far
  12. graav telln me online that he was just doodling lmfao then I see this crazy beast "just dooding" lmfao xD
  13. I pretty sure using someone elses artwork that's not your is against the rules of the competition even if you edited it abunch also as for the second picture its on google under fantasy elfs sketches if you want me to upload pics of proof I will. Far as I'm concerned the boss info doesnt mean anything if you can't use your own artwork & follow the competition rules. you should be disqualified...
  14. I just can't wait to see if they make a costume out of your boss if you win this would be a epic costume if it looked alike
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