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  1. I was wondering if their is a payment option that allows me to pay with landland in canada.. something like hipay or alopass?
  2. This is great ,as my birthday is the 11th of next month I will be getting an early birthday gift of 52k mcoins this upcoming Saturday. I'm certainly excited to be able to explore the new areas and finally aim for a +8-9 set Your friend Spelunky
  3. Today I had to do a factory reset on my tablet , now when I try to log into my account (Facebook) it tells me incorrect password. I have always used this method and never once changed it. What's going on!
  4. I used far to many , and only explanation I got was this: (after informing about using 67 sets for 6-8..) "Enchantment is pretty random process and mostly depends from luck. You could spend only 3 signs and up your weapon from +9 to +10 and at the same time spent more and didn't upgrade item to +5 from +4 Chances are set the same for every player on our servers! Please, do not forget to use Signs Of Imperishability when you enchanting your items after +1 level (Chance of enchantment from +0 to +1 is 100%, but then, unfortunately, it decreasing) The only we could do is to wish a good luck! Have fun!" Translation: Can't take as little as 3 and as many as dozens..67 sets!. Definitely good to know
  5. "When you need me call me , no matter where you are .. No matter how far" Reminded me of a song , sorry
  6. So today I needed to do genie for cl quest and the player in title was sitting their farming him and refused to party so I can complete quest. So when it spawned I began killing. Every time it had 5k left he would pull it off me and reset it 4x than told me to go F myself and wouldn't stop doing it. I'm getting really tired of the attitude of a lot of elf players. Your going to sit and farm a boss that others need quest for... Than be a little scrub and reset it on those players constantly because to you .. What its funny. Absolutely sickening. Seriously
  7. I havent played bd but all I hear is good things. I myself on the other hand absolutely love rangers (range) - still noob through , I know in other games to kite is to pwn but not sure how that apply here as the way you move is a little different compared to others. As I play more and pvp more I might have a little more insight but it is nice reading everyone's knowledgable posts as it gives me a better understanding
  8. I'm really new and I'm loving this , to be able to catch up on the history of this game. Thanks!
  9. Maybe someone has a level 6 that gm Roland can use and replicate the steps that were done and if it happens again he can determine if its a bug or error of some sort. New issues can always arise , specially when so many bugs were introduced when the events were put in. Losing a lvl6 arena character is a pain.
  10. I'm very happy with how many people take time off to respond to my topic with such kind words of advice. I unequipped my Bow and went to a area that wasn't busy. I've been told so many different things that could help with amping and I appreciate everyone's advice. Ty ty ty
  11. Thank you , for 6-8 it was a total of 67 sign sets.
  12. This situation sucks. I could only imagine how upset you are at the moment. I hope you get the assistance you are looking for.
  13. Granted their is a lot of good points why to have and not have mods. You would be surprised at how the quality of chat would change just from a mods presence. If the steps I listed above were followed it would make it impossible for mods to abuse power. This is why the screenshots come into play so accusations and false reports can't be filed. I think I might have some of my old reports to show exactly how report is created , it is a fairly long procedure but it really does work. I understand not everyone agrees that mods should be added. I respect everyone's opinions in regards to it. I am just looking at it from the positive point of view and all the benefits it could bring , and security it offers players ingame. Mod responsibilities: - Monitor game chat , warn and report players who consistently break rules (Account trading / selling ect) - Assist with basic questions regarding the game to the best of their ability - Be online and ingame monitoring and assisting for atleast 4 hours a day (Pref of 6 minimum , not consecutive .. It could be a few here and their - time sheet with report) Mods don't assist with: - Giving away items or gold - dont assist with players who are scammed (Use the ticket function - include screenshots - No support for account scammed) -Don't assist with dungeons (Stamina is limited - up to mods) They could hire mods and pay with either a weekly mod pack (like a chest with specific items for mods)or mcoin. It wouldn't cost them a dime and offers them the abilities of many things like better ingame presence and also assist with work load.
  14. OK but 30 sign sets for 6-7 and all failed? Not exadurating , none at all.. When others getting off as low as 2 sign sets...
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