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  1. I agree with this topic I have a lvl 22 priest with 4 experts. Ppl these days are smart when they PvP a priest my threat is maxed and my word power 4/5. Armistice is good for DG runs maybe if they increase duration of skill or add a new buff to where enemy's can't use skills but can still move around. Necro skill nightmare is great in a PvP battle and also 2v2. I think necro needs a aoe instance heal and priest need either a small stun or a new aura skill that increases cooldowm for all party members
  2. I think in the next update you guys should finally give priest a stun expert and necros should get another healing skill. Doesn't have to be a good healing skill that's a aoe like redemption so necros can heal themselves also or give priest a new aura that can increase all party members cooldown to counter necros mental pit
  3. Not really they went from being lvl 20 for 5 years. Then went from 20 to 24 in a few months
  4. When will you guys come out with a new expert skill for all classes.? In this new update will the level cap be raised up 26? When are you guys going to post a picture of all the new armor and weapons? Are you guys going to post a picture of what the rewards for the achievement System look like? Do you guys have any plans for this years Halloween event? Instead of chaos pots.. Why not make a duel button when you bring up the interact screen. Like ask them to duel Kinda like a party invite you can regect or accept ... 1v1 to the death with no healing pots or energy pots And nobody else can disr
  5. So one quick question. What quest do you have to complete in order to enter kronus laby?. The only quest I see for astral lab are blue.. Not yellow. Do you have to finish all yellow quest on Ayvo? Will there be new yellow quest in front of arstal lab? What do I need to do to enter Cronus lab?
  6. The picture was facing upright when I attached the file to the posted I don't know why it posted the picture sideways
  7. 400+ views :[ I feel special if I could rotate picture for u bro I would but I am having trouble with the uploading pictures
  8. I don't plan on giving stuff away to anybody I have close friends who need help amping there weapon they help my priest lvl up and helped me when I needed a boss killed. The least I can do is give then a set of sign when they go on sell most of the coins with be used on signs
  9. I don't plan on spend all my mcoins ill just give a set of signs away when they go on sale or a barber set when they go on sale. I wanna amp my lvl 20 priest nothing of his is above +5 you can inspect him. Nickname Rokhaz sever US SAPPHIRE. I never once bought Mcoins I farm and DG to get what I need but it would be nice to finally have a chance to get mcoins
  10. And also I plan on getting faceless costume ifbi win for US SAPPHIRE and I plan on amping my lvl 20 priest above +5 and plan on helping ppl with the mcoins I won thanks for reading working on the second pic today
  11. Wow over 300 hundred views let go to 400 and working on the pic some more
  12. Wow almost 300 views thanks everyone. More pics coming soon
  13. I love Greek mythology the hydra was a dragon water serpent. I'm not trying to be mean or rude or put your topic down I love your topic but, here's from a website not wiki..HYDRA A nine headed water-dragon which guarded the springs of Lerna. It possessed the power of regeneration, producing two new heads for each that was decapitated. The creature was eventually destroyed by Heracles who cauterized its neck stumps with a flaming torch. Here's the link.... http://www.theoi.com/greek-mythology/dragons.html
  14. Why not make double chance for costume drop? Did BG heroic twice and only got pots
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