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  1. 3 hours ago, Necromaa said:

    instantly restores 70% health at 1/5 80% at 2/5 and so on..... how they dont heal high? 


    70% health🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 do you even read the skill descriptions?🤣

    theres a huge difference between 70% of someones health and 70% of someones mdmg, overall chieftains still heal less than palas (which by the way even overheal shamans among with more control skills)(4k with prayers on castle pot and can do up to 5k crit heals with that basic heal skill) and youre out here crying?

  2. 32 minutes ago, Necromaa said:

    Ever tried playing on both sides? 
    Try it!!!!! And you will see the difference :) playing different classes on one side and playing on different sides are totally different. 
    nerf shaman heals and chieftains damage and mc aoe controlling skills before nerfing bd damage or pala shield

    youre totally right shamans heals are soooo high, specially those pvp shamans who only use base heals in pvp like cmon devs wheres that any fair??? how can you give druids 4-5 and the same base heal and leave shaman with that overpowered base heal only😒 none of them even uses heal totem in arena and although mages debuff their heal its still too op change this!!

    being sarcastic btw, and about chief, learn the class before trying to judge here. :) you have a certain amount of skill points available you cant have all youre askin for. its either full phy dmg and tanky or mdmg with high heals but dot dmg

  3. 7 minutes ago, Fabr said:

    Oh yeah, let's push him and stun him for just 2 seconds, like someone can't attack and use ranged abilities, or simply use anti stun. Better than leaving him unable to do anything until the effect wears off. Again, stop crying.


    like every class is ranged or has an anti stun, youre pretty making so much sense… not. But yea stop crying.

    9 minutes ago, Fabr said:


    His anti-stun has 35 sec cooldown, go read the description please, and still these stacks disappear in an instant when you're in a war or gxg. His stun isn't 7 sec, it's 5. And I don't understand you, if bd is speed, he would have to sacrifice either his aoe stun, or his anti-stun, and there would be no reason for you to complain about them, since they wouldn't be studied to the fullest.

    Theres enough skillpoints to maintain an endless stun cycle, dps and resist build. skills not being studied to the fullest isnt a matter affect as long as they still do their work but i can tell youre just a basic newbie player who follows others by the nonsense you type here :).



    16 minutes ago, Fabr said:

    And chieftain does 250% damage yes, frenzy does 5 hits of 50%, so it's = 250%.

    So it's the book's fault, not the skill. Save your tears for him.


    makes pretty much sense putting points on frenzy which is physical damage but crying about chiefs 275% aoe dmg which is magical at the other side doesnt it? notice yourself or are tears coming out your eyes blocking your sight?

    Even without the book the skill is hella broken but people like you who dont have skill wouldnt know better ;)

    Anyways enjoy your time crying on forums after every loss you take, shows how much of a pity life you have.

    But dont forget „We ArE iN 2021“


    5 minutes ago, Fabr said:


    I thought it was weird because look, a mage with 735 damage with ferocity hitting only 202, that's pretty low for someone with ferocity, even if he has resilience.

    just like i hit druids monsters 300 with my 931 magical damage shaman? while they hit me 600+? yea you got a point, oh wait no you dont

  4. 46 minutes ago, Fabr said:

    1 - Dude, we're in 2021, 40% attack strength isn't a big deal anymore. dmg classes do more damage than 40% auto attack with skills alone, check out the elusive jump. It does more damage than an auto attack. And then there's the templar with an ability that does 250% physical damage, and chieftain also has one that does 250% physical damage and one that does 275% magic damage in aoe.

    2 - Wow, ranger is the new warlock of the elves and I didn't even realize, I must be going crazy... I don't think you should be.

    3 - The druid's cure is no longer "massive", it's all right. he only has a lot of healing skills.

    4 - How can it be cycled with 45 sec recharge?

    5 - No, flow is maximum 9 players if you have the relic, and warlock can also stun 9 players with dark circle with the same relic. Stop crying.


    are you even tryin to make sense here?

    First of all you can’t compare 40% auto atk boost among with 3x resist stackin skill on a 20seconds cd including a stun skill which lasts for 7seconds and has a 100% resist rate among with 70% atk speed(with books) and 1.8k auto hits to a chieftain whose skill does 200% and not 250% as you said(get your facts straight first) neither an rogue with their „overpowered“ elusive jump but yea „ItS 2021“.

    Secondly youre telling us about druids

    only having „many“ heals? i mean i wouldnt complain either when i get a bd down to 100hp and suddenly he heals up by 5000 each time for how long? 10+ seconds? matter of fact that this skill is CYCLEABLE with the orcinus book which an druid in us sapphire server has not to mention about how many stuns druid have.

    And as last the templars orb triggers every second means once 9 ppl get pushed away 9 others are directly following means its more than you make it try sounding like. but oh StOp CrYiNg ItS 2021, pathetic


  5. 10 minutes ago, lallouss said:


    please keep your drama off forum, damn my fans follow me everywhere lol keep your drama in game i wont respond to bullies on forum


    in which universe is speaking facts drama? if you cant take critic stay off forums yourself, obvious enough how abusive you are but you try to talk about fairness? fairness is when both sides have equal power which wont ever exist as long as there’s not equal amount of populationh and high lvl guilds in legions and sentinels.

    and as long as devs keep weakening legion side we can wait another 5years for this. 

    Tell me what exactly does the necromancer have besides for that one skeleton totem? most likely a dead class which is played by noone. 

    but placing an templar orb and pushing away 50+ ppl is totally fair isnt it? 

  6. 19 hours ago, lallouss said:

    charmer pets and necromancer skeletons in war is a big issue its ridiculous never ending pet zoo in towns cant kill them easily in arena also u do low damage to them not sure if its because they act like pve mobs so ferocity damage to them is reduced, but they need to be fixed or give sentinel same type of skills


    to be fair i think best scenario to fix this issue is to give same abilities to sentinel as legion has thus making it fair to both sides in terms of skills, priest can have skeletons (revived wisps) and templar can have 1 more minion with low cd like dog



    youre a walking meme.. whenever something doesnt work out the way you expect it you come crying on forum. As long as something doesnt benefit you, you find a way to complain about something.

    but about templars orb you have no need to complain? nor how many stuns elfs in total have compared to mcs?

    the more losses you take the more face of how pathetic you are you’re showing.
    Matter of fact that legions been fighting with 1 unity and 1 globe for months against 3x 3x unity globes(sentinels) there wasnt a need of you to complain about fairness?

    looking forwards for an „how to be a forum crybaby“ youtube video @lallouss im sure you could master this pretty good.

  7. its kinda funny how hard mercs cry here because they lost with 3 star war buff (which isnt fair either in a gvg btw) + castle buffs to a guild with none of both (real reason why they decided to make a topic), while the mc guild HASNT even used this non existing „bug“.

    but typical for zeus to cry when hes losing too much :) .

    @Nolanif youre already reworking stage 1 then you may aswell add the snow GvG feature where a round automatically ends after 3-4minutes. Stage 1 is all about who gets the first crown and hides it in their camp.

    maybe also remove the blessings buff from the crown holder like in snorlar gvg commander?

  8. 15 hours ago, vavavi said:

    I think you're missing the whole point im trying to make. BDs have to be stunned, or youre dead. Being able to just gain hp from the dmg you take while stunned, to survive long enough to spam more resists and rushes, is how it benefits bds. +distort doesnt heal during ham, so it doesnt really counter bds. Rangers have 1 skill that triggers distort heals, so isn't really a counter for them either, nor does it trigger from roots which are druids main stuns. Mages have 1 stun which lasts like 2 seconds.


    Barbs without stuns cant hurt anyone, dunno what thats about. Charmer damage being "split" by pets and lower dmgs means nothing, since each of those hits still have a chance to heal. 


    I do agree that palas shield is broken as it stands, but thats not the point of this topic.


    I'm not saying its broken because i can't kill people, it's the opposite. As it stands i can literally just run into the whole mc team, 3v3 or 5v5, with no fear of dying. And as far as im concerned, that counts as broken.


    Rangers got 2 stuns which last around 8secs in total besides for their rapid hits which trigger the stun enchant real quick, whenever i fight a mage im pretty much stunned for atleast 6secs~.

    I think you might play in the wrong server, cz in my opinion its easy to counter that book. Noone can rush inside a 5v5 and just survive cz of the book unless runnin inside braindead zombies without common sense. The book is strong but isnt any near unbalancing wars.

  9. 2 hours ago, vavavi said:

    What you mean sacrificing resil? I can simply use lifesteal cape/amu, with awards and a resi scroll. That alone is enough to have almost 45% ish vamp, without secret book even being active, and max resi.


    You having an attitude about bds has nothing to do with the topic. The book benefits bds probably more than most classes. Besides, you can get healed almost 2k off barbs hits, way more from rogues.

    Idk what this has to do with one side being unbalanced. Most elf classes don't even get affected by the book. Rangers, palas, bds, druids, priests all have control skills that don't count as stuns. Only class i can think of that suffers alot from it is templar. Meanwhile alot of mc control skills do count as stuns.



    In what way does the book benefit bds the most? Bds run around with resist skills stacked x3 and rush with resist added to it, you die before stunning a bd unless you get healed by distor book during the rush stun. This book is a counter against bds, just like a counter vs rangers druids templars and palas, mages aswell with all their mass stuns.

    While mcs barely have hmmm one rogue stun, barb some stuns which smart barbs dont rely on, smart barbs go for dps and durability build. Dks only got their stun build. And then theres charmer whose dmg isnt the highest but stuns and pets make them good. You maximally heal 1k off charmers anyways their dmg is split on pets. Shamans don't have a single stun except for their blind control effect and low survivability since they lack heals and shields (ancestor hand absorbs maximally 500 dmg) *cough cough 10k dmg absorbtion pala shield*

  10. 12 hours ago, vavavi said:

    You can reach 45-50% lifesteal easily with buffs, 60-65% at low hp with secret vamp. Combine that with lifeforce pot boosting distortions heal to 210%, and it isnt hard to see why classes like barbs, dks and locks, that rely heavily on stuns, would mostly just heal the person they're trying to kill instead of doing damage.


    Not to mention even castles heal buff also boosts distortion. Palas aura also. You can reach a 50%+ chance, to heal almost 300% of the dmg you take. 


    And this whole "waa waa don't stun them then" - logic doesnt work. You can't just "not stun" bds, rangers, seekers, rogues etc in arena. Its completely busted.

    In order to have 50% vamp you gotta sacrifice resil even with buffs which aint any effective, makes you die fast even without getting stunned. You mentioning palas aura minging with distortion book heals just shows another point of elf's having more advantage's everywhere. As i said before as an elf of course it bothers you seeing high heals from 2000dmg auto hits

  11. 9 hours ago, vavavi said:

    Distortion is easy to fight on bds. Especially if its a caster.


    It's just straight unbalanced as it is. One book shouldn't make you immortal. Nor should it make it impossible for certain classes to kill you (barb dk lock).

    Ok but who says its impossible for barbs, dks to kill distortion book players? 

    From what ive seen barbs and dks have a good chance against distortion book users even without having it themselves, game depends about the perfect build and not about a single book, octopus book excluded.

    Lock as it is atm is pretty much useless in 1v1s either way specially against bds.

  12. On 11/25/2020 at 3:12 AM, Drakoknight said:

    That's ridiculous. 

    Pair it with the Blade Dancers already overpowered damage and you have a one man army in a social game

    It honestly sounds like you know nothing about the game... even the book wont help you damage the flag while youre permanently stunned. This post is a bladedancer being worried about fightin distortion book casters with life force pot who already use it either way for their heals, while he doesn't really rely on the pot. It becomes quite useless to him he can keep running around with infinity resists and 6sec rush stuns hitting ppl insanely high hmmm what else? Oh right having a 10.000 damage absorbing pala shield on him or a druid with all his heals/stuns and the moment he notices a caster gets healed  2.5k by the book he jumps on forum asking for nerfs.. how tragic and devs don't  even bother nerfing or atleast checking those skills

  13. 1 hour ago, Shoujo said:

    the damage suffered by the flag is direct, that is, it does not suffer debuffs the Banner has a limit of targets in the pvp and for each target the damage is divided in half.the lighting also has a limited number of targets in the pvp.

    Too bad the flag isnt a player and counts as object which makes both the skills u mentioned unlimited target limits so it apparently does take damage from their skills. While dks curse dmg got taken away

  14. 12 hours ago, Nolan said:

    There is no such things as nerf on the Dk's skill. The fix was made as soon as possible to fix the problem quickly. In the future, the teleportation system will be revised and the problem will be solved more thoroughly. This also applies to other skills that have a similar effect: their interaction with flags and similar objects will be adjusted. But all this will be a little later, then we will share the specifics on this matter. Thanks for the understanding.


    What's so hard on allowing us to put effects on the flag itself? Rogues poison, hunters poison, dks curse, barbs bleed, chieftains bleed whys every mc skill becoming disabled while mages can jump in and spam aoes blindly and palas too with their banner and illumination, just cause they barely have strong effect skills doesnt mean u can take ours.


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