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  1. the spear lv32 same stats spear lv30...the craft magic mace lv32 have lower cd than not ether cata craft lv32 magic mace ?????
  2. Plz fix spring dg for low lvl. The tower room mobs spawn to fast to kill. The boss spawn the gate to fast to kill. Make it easier so the new player can feel welcome to this event. If guys only care dg 28 32 only for oldbie so delete all low lvl dg plz.
  3. no more aoe "flag" type deal dmg to object any more :V try single dmg skill :)
  4. I think it would be great cause when need to open alot of "Cache" it will take a lot of times to open all of it.
  5. Why after use poison shield it make acid rain delay 1s ??? Warspear_Online_2019-04-06-15-33-36.mp4
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