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  1. Great idea, we encourage all players to use their imagination.
  2. This is a solution, but it is deliberate, hoping for a better solution.
  3. Dk always trades some things with blood, so is secret reserve, so is saturation, and so is blood barrier.
  4. We can do this.Dark Shield skill adds an additional Bloody Barrier positive effect to the character forsec.The barrier can absorb all the incoming damage within 4seconds, and recover dk health at the end of time, which is equal to 30% of the damage absorbed by the barrier.This effect can only be triggered once in 30 seconds.
  5. I don't understand either. When a tank loses 40% of its health, it means that it can't resist.Immunizing one injury won't help the plight.
  6. Dk's reserve skills can be enhanced by potions and castle scrolls and castle potions, so I think its basic attributes should be low.
  7. Death Knight is now the only profession that needs life recovery, and I want to keep this characteristic of him.
  8. Suggestions for changes to the secret Reserve. Regenerating health has a very low presence in the game. Even the secret Reserve is the only skill that requires it. The current cooldown on this skill is too long and lasts for a short period of time, so we can make it a constant energy drainer. When the skill is turned on, it consumes energy continuously, increasing the player's ability to regenerate health and the speed at which it recovers health. Increases health recovery by 5%/20%/35%/50% Increases health regeneration rate by 10%/20%/30%/40% Sustained energy consumption :1/3/6/8 In my mind, this ability gives the player 3 seconds to recover 150 health or less at full level. For there is the nectar of immortality. So the value of this skill should not be too high. Let's discuss it together
  9. I also built a magic dk, but now there are several problems bothering me. Knight curse and sharp shadow will be resisted, while dark breath will be evaded.This makes it impossible for me to do enough damage in myth sea。
  10. At present, every profession can play a role in a certain place, instead of blindly asking for its own weaknesses to be compared with others'.
  11. Yes, the CD of this skill is as long as 2 minutes, which cannot be used as a routine means. You need to use dk to fight several times in the dungeon. When I have 100% vampires, That would be like a God of war
  12. Dk should be a hero of the undead, so it should rely on fighting to restore blood volume, which is more in line with the theme of dk The new skill can deal damage to nearby enemies, and then get the same amount of shield.
  13. Undead Warhorse dk summons an undead warhorse. The undead warhorse will continuously restore dk's blood volume and provide dk with a "lethal" buff, giving dk a chance to be immune to lethal damage. In my opinion, dk really lacks the means to restore health, and dk currently has more mixed damage, so an undead horse is a very cool idea. Dk players, let’s talk about the feasibility of my idea
  14. Every time I do pelion missions it takes me about an hour and a half, t4 is often crowded and the task refresh is too slow.
  15. Urgent!!! Urgent!!! We cannot access the Grotto event,it's a bug。 Urgent!!! Urgent!!! We cannot access the Grotto event,it's a bug。
  16. My dkalways has 12k defense, 24.5 blocks and 24 parries. Then I chose to go back and use wd。 I apologize for my previous thoughts. wd is really stronger than other tanks. Only in the matter of defense。
  17. In Mermaid gvg, the powerful trade unions will always win, which leads to only half of the 12-11 level trade unions can recruit new members, while the weak trade unions will die directly. Because they don't have any new members,Some 9-10-level trade unions now dare not even upgrade their ranks
  18. I agree ,that many gamewill be open to free replacement skills in the later stage
  19. I agree that the basic interface should have a Thai translation, even if it doesn't translate the mission brief.
  20. We use several skills to build our own gameplay, but the explorers are almost the same, and a profession should have multiple genres. This is exactly what I want to say. Every profession has many expert skills, but we can only meet three at most, Therefore, each profession should have multiple genres。
  21. Now explorer in the game are the same, they take two dagger, need only attack speed, but there are many other explorer skills, these skills and explorer now genre is not match, so we can strengthen the base damage explorer some skills, and skills in the response ability, in order to let more explorer genre
  22. It would fit the picture better if he was holding a sword。
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