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  1. Arnstine

    New map

    New map next to avoydil or add new town to avoydil . And make it virus island since we at pandamic
  2. Arnstine


    I'm a helper if need help just reply here
  3. Arnstine

    New map

    Greetings If you guys make new map, make it a Virus map
  4. Only rogue don't have aura expert skill make it happen . I suggest the frenzy expert rogue make it like Mana comsumption and remove the negative effect . Because only rogue light armor dmg doesn't have aura expert skill. Chieftain Warlock Hunter Seeker Mage Ranger most all classes have aura expert rogue can't even keep up not equal dmg to them.
  5. Arnstine


    Better no.it just 2D game we already have minion .
  6. Please put or make rouge skill expert frenzy will be mana consumption and remove the negative effect, only rouge doesn't have aura skills dmger. Seeker Hunter chieftain warlock ranger those OP dmger have aura expert skill. Only rouge outdated skills. Please make it happen thanks just unfair
  7. Arnstine


    How to mute someone?
  8. Well if got banned there must be a info before u log in game coz wondering ducking why how when and who this banned or silence thing happened I send email it's already 5hrs past no yet reply
  9. Why how my account got banned from chatting inviting to party all in interact . If someone report me there must be heavy proof to do it coz is such a pain in ass nearly to quit this game from 6yrs old playing . This is sucks need to explained how got banned and need info who & when like other game there's such thing so the one got banned not got bothered to ask why got banned. Fix this
  10. Woah my suggestion under water really is coming . Tnx developers. And btw guys is this map is permanent or just a event?
  11. Hope there's no elf book expert on mc as well as elf
  12. Yes once u got the win u get the reward. . Not waiting the day to end.
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