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  1. Maybe its possible to buy them from other country, higher price but insane coins :rofl: Maybe just a vision bug (99% only vision bug :lol: but still pretty cool)
  2. Hi, a friend in game told me to see Vietnam payment and i found this (screenshot attachment) Is there any bug? It looks like bug too me :pardon:
  3. To broke your device isn't as easy as you said (if you don't mess with kernel, cpu cycles etc...) Look what i did and nothing happened. I took android 2.3.4 and 4.0.4 Decompile each of them. I took system from 2.3.4 and put it in files of 4.0.4 and recompiled them I flashed my phone with this "homemade" software Result? Crash and restart at boot, the starting had an image from 2.3.4 and 4.0.4 xD (what else can go worst???) So what? I "flashed" official 4.0.4 and it's working perfect! :lol: That means that if u know a few things u can fix a possible crash like this The worst case is to modify kernel to run faster, more voltage on wifi antenna etc.. Which can broke hardware. I wouldn't suggest that, i use almost every cool "root" app, i have 4Giga internal memory xD It's really cool, i can't imagine my phone without root now... I had tried a lot of root ways, it maybe doesn't look trustable because it's in Chinese but this is the easiest way i have found. Download "eRoot" on pc Connect your phone too pc with "usb debugging" and "allow unknown sources" enabled. Run eRoot, it has 1 button, if everything is ok u will see the name of your device on down left corner Press the button and wait It doesn't reboot or stuff like thats, if it was successful the SupperUser icon will be on app list Ti remove root do the same and press the same button, program reads if your device is rooted and doing the required work As me too you will use this program with your own risk. I wish you good luck!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. Dude you forgot one of the basic tips, which can make your 80k ->1.2milion If you buy many things of something price becomes lower, after you can sell it slower, 1pcs each time on dealer for example, price of 1 almost always is higher than 10sets and that way you got some profit. Plus with this way prices are more stable, there are always items in the game so noone can sell them over priced.
  5. Holy ***, i have done only 1 yellow and hydra bait quest in nortland in my hole game time, with this guide i can do all quests!!! :fool: :fool: Awesome guide, it deserves to win, in my heart u r already winner! :give_rose:
  6. On what firmware you play? Windows, mac, linux? If i.understood correctly wizard installer crash? You can try restart device and try install again. What was the problem that corrupt installation?
  7. Doger72

    Stop them!

    I don't think that pretending of someone else is a reason of blocking access to the game. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=82900.0 BUT, the truth is that you are right, one solution to be everyone happy is to take some ss (you or your friends) of the guy who pretends that is you in chat. If his behavior is bad (racism or something against the rules) admins will have a reason to block or warn him. Good luck. :good:
  8. You must send a ticket to technical support team. http://warspear-online.com/en/support/? They will ask you all the required information about your payment. Forum isn't a place to talk about your personal information. Ps. Answer can take up to 5 days, be patient, i had the same problem once and i took my coins. Have fun. :good:
  9. Doger72

    Force Close

    Reply can take up to.5 days, it was weekend in middle, be sure they will answer you soon, don't worry, it isn't something that cannot be fixed by technicians. ;)
  10. Doger72

    Force Close

    http://warspear-online.com/en/support/? Send a ticket with full description, a private conversation with technical support will be more helpful, ninjaowl covered every fast solution answers. Maybe it's something that only technicals can fix it, good luck :good:
  11. You are the only responsible for your trades, if you can't see how many golds the buyer put in trade it's 100% your fault, rules explain it clearly. It isn't a reason of blocking access to the game or even for a warning. Next time be more careful on your exchanges. Reasons of blocking account How to don't get Scammed
  12. Doger72

    Force Close

    You are the only one with that kind of problem (as i saw on forum) The chances to be something wrong with your device are more than ws problem. Why don't upgrade ios? If after all the problem exists try technical support.
  13. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=82900.0 RULE #1 Dot 1 & 3 If you share your account it can be blocked. If you use someones else account your account can be blocked. That's the law, the final decision is taken by the head admins
  14. 100% There will be new contests, i don't think that they will restart an already finished contest. It needs a lot of time to run out of new contest ideas, just stay tuned to check if there is a new one. Good luck :good:
  15. There is a hole story about reputation in chainless. If they add one more familiar story in new island there will be adds which will need more reputation or reputation on a city on the new island. Maybe they will add a new fuction, familiar story will be boring, there is a whole menu for fuctions :D
  16. 3lvl mage shield gives 17,4%-17,5% on your mdef like guild passives
  17. Doger72

    exmen scammer

    Send an email here: [email protected] or a ticket from warspear site with your request, they will ask you a few questions about your profile, if you answer correct maybe they will give you back your account.
  18. When you use a damage sphere you see the weapons you can amplify + the jewels (pic) When you choose a weapon everything ok, when you choose jewel it shows that you need a def sphere. Not something serius but jewels shouldn't be on list when you use damage sphere (like armor items). Thanks :)
  19. Now passive skills works different. Old: 3lvl def skill =def + 3% Now: 3lvl def skill= def + (def*15%) Example: Magic def on ring = 406 Guild magic def passive lvl3 (15%) Your magic def: 406 + (406*15%)= 406 + 60.9= 466 magic def
  20. Same with android home button it's ok, but in android after some time it's been "killed" by system or game disconnect you, i think admins wanted to run in background as when you play with a notification in bar like some gps etc... Maybe it's only a button with no activity yet...
  21. Scammers have been collapsed on eu, idk about other servers If you follow the instructions of this post I think you are 99.99% safe http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=74888.0
  22. A guy tried to scamm me tha way, after a few minites of exchange spam he bored cause he couldn't drop items to open a slot and ignored me xD There are toooo many ways to scamm u, but u need only 2 things to avoid everything! 1. NEVER Share acc information! Like id-pas or even creation date, id which can buy miracles etc... 2. ALWAYS check ALL items and gold in EVERY exchange! Don't trust anyone! U are responsible to protect your gold!
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