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  1. Hello all i have in elf side abyss zealot's gladius and want to traid moon kitty pm xxpalagirl if u interest to traid pls DONT pm when its NOT moon kitty!
  2. hey guys now my sister start to buy bg equit she only need shoes (and maybe helmed :pardon: ) help her to get that last two items so she have an really good pala lv 16 (2900deff 2545hp and 320 dmg with lv 16) pm xxpalagirl or maybe iam online so pm pixypl i will buy for here ty friends for help :blush: hope i see u all in game and have fund bb guys :give_rose:
  3. hey guys i have really big problem i buy today 20€ mcoins with mobiele bill 2x10€ firt time i buy 5€(804) mcoins i get them then i want buy 2 time 804 mcoins but then i watch they use 9,80€ for 5€ mcoins where my 804 mcoins i dont buy often mcoins but when i buy i want as much mcoins as much i pay gm give me my 5€ or my mcoins pls!!!
  4. burntolove is arogant and say bad things i have schreen shoot to i try to uplode
  5. its only an idear ;) how manny it should cost or what lv need to use must we talk about! and "warspear for free" manny ppl cant wait for the arenapoints so they buy glad pot and arena ticks ^^
  6. hey guys i heard in ea some ppl want sigh in arena shop and me want that to :drinks: all vote for sighs in arena shop maybe we become :)
  7. She dont give id she get hacket o think with an key logger (an psrson send u "virus" who chck all your pass) same by me nobody know my pass or email but someone log inmy acc i see "an other player was detactet) no scamming HACKING
  8. My friend darkynecro get HACKED she want logg in acc and cant logg in someone try hack me too but i cance pass first pls game help my friend!!!!
  9. Pixypl


    where is the funny music? :nea: it was really fun with music :friends: pls game we want the music back :rofl:
  10. So manny pl say they get scammet. Why they get scammed? Becaus they really think they are not scammers hahaha never trust ppl make your acc dont sell traid or buy acc so nobody get scammet oh i forgot all ppl who think"mcoin hack" is real are not really inteligent xd when u get scammed its your fault
  11. i know her she scamm my guild vne too!!!!!!! :cray:
  12. Pixypl

    WHO SAY?!!??

    some ppl say i scamm templemage (templeblade) 's acc what should that shit :wacko: im a good friend of him :clapping: so shut up with that its not true :facepalm:
  13. Pixypl


    All who hae lake pm omarnc lovlyxgirl or pixypl all me!! We have to do lake we all! All who help post name and lv under that post aaaaand goooo :yahoo:
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