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  1. This topic is now updated due to recent events
  2. The reason that I and many other players played through the first starting island is due to the in-depth story, the friends who helped us along, and how most of us started out on the easier islands. The forsaken and chosen factions were were added in an update about a year ago. After finishing the beginner island and expiencing the more entertaining higher levels, those players went back and tried out both forsaken and chosen classes just for something different. There is also tons of updates that got the game even more interesting. I recently added you and saw you were lvl 9. You are clos
  3. I can se all of the weird ass names for weapons that will be spammed in the trade chat
  4. I have two suggestions about guilds. The first has to deal with the rank system in guilds. I believe that the explorers have too much power within the guild, I can rank up someone who has been in the guild for one or two weeks, then they take our most expensive stuff out of the guild storage. This can be fix by have more ranks for the guilds rather than 3. You can add two more ranks for a total of 5 and make the second rank have a little less power. My second suggestion has to deal with guild storage. The leader and heirs of the guild should be able to lock items in guild storag
  5. No faction is either winning or loosing. So it depends on what class you want. Some say that the elf is the easiest faction for beginers because of the quick starting island and with more players to help you. Elves/chosen seem to be better in arena and in astral lab and getting chainless league quests done/ dungeons. The mountain clan/forsaken seem to be better in guild tournaments and tend to have cheaper prices in the market for items. All factions are pretty much even when it comes to 1v1 PvP
  6. Im going to state my opinion on this topic. Forsaken island takes a quite a bit of time. If you want a quick way to the second island (which is where the good stuff is) then do elves or mountain clan. The montain clan have the barbarian which is good with a sword and shield. The elves island takes about 3 days to complete if your on for 2-3 hours each day (6-9 hours in total, depending on if you have help or not) Once you get to the second island at level 12, the fun begins. There is constant PvP on this island. The two factions can go to the others terrirtoty and start an all o
  7. I would still read it. :pleasantry:
  8. Sometimes it goes for 100k, other times its 200k. I guess a good price would.be 150k
  9. 1. Agree 2. Disagree 3. Agree
  10. Not a bad idea, prob won't be added though
  11. Similar suggestions have been posted before. I agree with this, make it where you can go into a menu screen where you can select what you want to do (farm boss, lab, quest) and then you go into a lobby of the players with the samerequest.
  12. I was inspired to write this due to Mecha Saiyan's story which can be found here: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=65750.0 I thought it was interesting so I decided to write my own, and maybe more people will write theirs. Back in 2011, I was looking over the app store for some fun online games, then Warspear came up. I downloaded in around version 2.0 or so. When I was reading the class descriptions, I found that it said that druids could turn into animals (no joke, that's what the OLD description said). I thought that was cool so the very first char I made was a drui
  13. I've participated in the past 4 contests and haven't won a thing.... My guide was really short and extremely helpful which is what a guide needs. I'm pretty sure the judges just chose the longest ones with lots of cool pictures and didn't even pay attention to most of the content. THIS CONTEST SHOULD HAVE BEEN JUDGED ON MOST HELPFUL, not which one looks the prettiest. I'm dissapointed
  14. $0 haha. All my mcoin items are from free offers or good friends
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