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  1. When will the new update come for ipads And iPhones? Its still the old version
  2. Ipads doesnt have the new version!!!! :( :( :(
  3. Still no new version for ipads :( :( :mega_shok:
  4. Many Macintosh user would be happy if you admins could make a mac compatible client because there is already linux,but mac is more known computer than linux ;) it would be amazing,please make it ;) ;) ;)
  5. Hyrion

    exmen scammer

    Exmen scammed my paladin called tinyhr in us-sapphire. Can i get it back somehow? answer please ATLEAST BAN MY PALADIN TINYHR SO HE CANT PLAY ON IT!!!!!
  6. Hyrion

    So lame!!!

    Why doesnt gm ban scammers? There is still some scammers online like scopy,xxjowzxx,zarckon,greatwlock. Many people all the time says like "scopy scammer" and still scopy is playing,My warlock got banned when scopy scammed it, i sent a support message and they banned my account but didnt ban scopy. And still they let scopy be free and scam more people.Gm's doesnt ban cuz they are ducking lazy,Im ducking tired of this ducking crap,please ban all scammers as soon as possible. :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
  7. It would be a good ring or amulet that helps get rare drops from bosses,like in runescape there is "ring of wealth". And the ring would be dropped by any boss in irselnort or only by opening surprise chests. Leave your comments what you think? :)
  8. Hyrion


    jumalauta että panettaa
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