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  1. OMG, mods please pinn this guide xD (for the LOLs) It had been popular for more than 2 years now
  2. Thank you for your jokes , but I really need a screenshot plz.
  3. As you see in the title, I really want to know what and how many hairstyles there are, because I am thinking of buying one barber set and don't know if there even are hairstyles that I like. It would be awesome if someone could send a screenshot of the barber set. Thank you all
  4. zikerob


    Then you are right indeed!
  5. But still necro is my favorite class and will always be everywhere! :good:
  6. zikerob


    Not if you connect a usb keyboard to the device. ;)
  7. ¨I agree¨ was not bad English at all! ::)
  8. ok ok, maybe it's because i upgraded 11555 on my necro :lol:
  9. They should add emotions for characters like: /facepalm ------> :facepalm: ;D
  10. Then Warspear would go from MMO to RTS! :lol:
  11. Necros are my favorite class, but their damage is to low in my thought
  12. zikerob

    Healing zone

    Why buy food when you can have HEALING ZONES! ;D
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