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Make dungeons more interesting!


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I have a great suggestion to make dungeons even more interesting!

Currently dungeons give out various drops like bars, cats, ess, minions, gears, weapons and so on. Dungeons spams demand a lot of stamina pots and repairs (and life scrolls if you're in a noob party 🤣).

My suggestion to make dungeon runs even more interesting is along with the current drops, give the players the following items as drops as well (of course with some % chance):

  • Repair scroll(s)
  • Life scroll(s)
  • Stamina Elixir
  • Sign of Imperishibility


To make things fair to the players, make the above dungeon drops as 'Receiving'.

This will greatly promote more dungeon runs and more fun. Players will definitely feel better that they atleast got back what they put in; especially wardens who lose about 1 rep per TP hard run.



What do you think? Support my suggestion!

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