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  1. Ah but Kimkaa, that would remove the extra element of fun. Having to directly interact with a player to make the most money is interesting. It encourages ppl to make in-game friends and/or trading partners, and adds an element of community spirit that the game really needs to regain.
  2. I really like this idea, its just brilliant! But who pays the middle man (dealer)? Would the tax, so to speak, be split between both the buyer and the seller? Will the buyer pay it since they made the offer, or will the seller pay it like with the current system?
  3. Although I really love the events, hunger is the best sauce. So making a bit of 'regular time' between events, in my opinion, make the events more enjoyable whilst they last.
  4. Maybe in the second hand dealer the confirmation screen would use words as opposed to figures? Eg. Price = 21111g Confirmation message = Are you sure you want to spend twenty-one thousand, one hundred and eleven gold on XXXXXXX?
  5. Yes, or perhaps allow us to communicate only certain comments. Sort of like we can only use certain emojis. Basic phrases like 'Die, {enemy's class}!' or 'Howya doin'?' or 'For Garahan/Nuadu/Harad!' which will also translate to whatever game language they use. And maybe we could even buy bonus phrases on the miracle shop or gladiator dealer or in chests for extra fun.
  6. Nice. I don't speak French so I probably missed out on some jokes, but just from the art I definitely likey!
  7. Aha, I nearly forgot I was supposed to add the other storylines after being gifted with the extra info! CANON In the forskaen map you actually have a number of origin storys to choose from at T3, but what reamins is that you were betrayed by Kevin, paladin scum. Because of this your soul couldn't rest or something? and you wound up on Moraktar. As you have no money to pay your passage, you need to earn it by doing quests, so that you might be set free. A lot of your time is also spent searching for clues about your past, who you were and what you did. In T2 an interesting story about Glad (who is your master/ you are his slave), how he was murdered and stuff like that. Also, the One with No Name is a dictator of the lands of Moraktar. You serve in the army for a bit, and help get rid of elven/chosen scum who jave managed to infiltrate the land's magical borders. The story of the forsaken lands is probably the most interesting and most complex of all the starting islands, so maybe some others can help me fill in the blanks here? Also, I have never completed Lanasgard so if somebody wants to give the synopsis for it? AND (so many asks from me to ppl in general😂) I think it would be cool for some Median night stories for the season, both the storylines of past events and any cool quests or experiences you had) Oíche Shamhna shona daoibh!
  8. Correct! And okay then, no tags, teehee. Benny again?
  9. Whooop! Been waiting for this since like July. And when Halloween ends won't be long until Christmas, these events are what keep me interested in the game really.
  10. Guess you are wrong this time Higgings. Hmm, @Aкasha will post next?
  11. *Impatiently anticipates next competition*
  12. Well, a deadline should be set for the number of guesses. Like one week or whatever. And then somebody or everybody would need to keep a tally. Because no deadline was set, I guess this round is endless, and nobody can win?
  13. IrishBoar


    Is it illegal to buy mcoins when physically located in another country, or is this okay?
  14. If you want to be amazing you need to dedicate some time. You could probably get rewards constantly going to the arena naked if you had enough time, and I like that. On the other hand, I think it should be the top say 5% of players, rather than the top 50. (So that is 10 people went arena for the season, only 1 would get a reward, but if 10,000 people went to the arena during the season, 500 would get a reward). At least this way it would be a bit easier in more competitive seasons/categories, but a bit more difficult in less competitive seasons/categories
  15. Very true, but Kortaravva is really difficult to arrive at sometimes. Swamps is one of my favourite questing locations also. I like how every new upgrade of level/gear/skills would allow me to get further in swamps, and how you continuously learn how to utilise your powers there. One of my favourite things is to try and figure out if the portals are not entirely random, but so far it would seem they are.
  16. Depends on your class, I guess. The more stuns the merrier! If you are short on stuns, nasty frogyls and tellus are probably the easiest, although the latter requires some knowledge. Also, nortland treasure houses is an easy quest if you are strong enough to survive the wisps, though impossible otherwise.
  17. Yes, naturally I don't like it very much. I was stating it as more of a 'and life is just bs, I give up' way.
  18. IrishBoar


    Have you tried sending a private message to a member of the support team, or have you tried emailing them? Maybe even tag some important people so they might give you some info? Also, it is important to note that the main priority in the prices of mcoins is probably how the most money will be made, rather than 'justice'. Typically, lower wage equates to lower prices, but this isn't always the best business decision due to various other factors including culture, history (of the prices in that country), politics and economics (inflation etc within the country).
  19. I like the idea, but isn't it a little risky legally for Warspear to take ideas from other games? I like the idea though, it would show us some real battle, unaffected by mcoins (other than the expensive entry which is good because devs still get money to keep the game going). It also leaves plenty of space for imaginative and exciting alterations to the rules. The only difficulty I can see is that it might be difficult to regulate quests, etc to ensure it is fair for both alliances, as well as the four factions.
  20. There is a video (currently the most recent post for Charmers) which can help with the difference of lvling up. You can use the skill on anybody/thing as far as I know (not sure if bosses would just resist it) and it transfers a % of their maximum energy to you. But you should note that it costs you hp.
  21. I like the second one. Not sure about the first though. 21 pilots are pretty good generally.
  22. Is this some form of poem?
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