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Small details missing in shaman class within game


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About the shaman I think in warspear this is missing '' a little more for the class '' I did searches and found this.

  • Shamans are secondary healers, with a fair amount of options and spells. Shamans are usually welcomed by party members for their Healing and Totens abilities. Shamans can use up to four types of Totem: Earth, Fire, Cold and Air.:advise:


When in combat, shamans place damage totems and control on the ground to maximize their effectiveness while undermining their opponent's actions. Shamans are versatile enough to fight hand to hand or at arm's length against their opponents, but the wisest suit their plan of attack according to the strengths and weaknesses of their enemies.(
because the warspear does not make a totem of control shaman is prescisando much)
Thank you for reading now, let's go to the suggestions and discussions on the subject.

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30 minutes ago, Morgana said:

Os xamãs estão bem do jeito que estão: cat1:

Mais tem como ficar melhor 

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1 hour ago, Jcbreff said:

I didnt quite understand if this is a suggestion or overall information about shaman's skills

Suggestion on shaman skills' improvements:cat2:

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