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  1. Video on YouTube, Don't forget to like it and subscribe! https://youtu.be/Bf5W98LVAkk
  2. it would only further increase the mobility of an explorer
  3. after playing several rpgs and other games outside the genre, I noticed that in many of them some classes using sword and bows had some mobility ability, so it can be said that the rogue and the hunter would be great candidates to receive new skills or readjustments in in my opinion hunter should have already received a passive skill so there may be a chance to add it or rework any existing skill!
  4. support, in fact a good idea would be to add a passive effect to one of those skills
  5. Concordo totalmente, além de que o mago costuma resistir e por destemido, até mesmo do dançarino que tem que resistir e a chance de atordoar o ataque, o explorador anda mais rápido e tem vantagem na hora de espiar ou perseguir Falta de mobilidade em a legião!
  6. super support your cause! and he also has no passive, when the instincts slowed down I stopped playing hunter
  7. I found the idea very interesting, but the overcrowding of the sentries on the Brazilian server is also due to a situation to be mentioned in the case of an ability with the ability to break a class in the case of the dragon's eye and dominate In the block (Mage and Guardian ), so much so that sentries prioritize the specific recruitment of these classes in their guilds.
  8. I believe there is no better character for pvp than the Druid if he heals a lot and still has a good combo of stunning stunners even a Warlock class, In addition to the paladin that is currently impossible
  9. Умение - ослабляющая стрела - Охотник Это навык, который есть только потому, что я не видел ни одного охотника, говорящего о том, как он «полезен» или «невероятен», я даже не видел, чтобы кто-то жаловался на свое собственное значение, которое он не использовал, и это очень неприятно, потому что там мог быть другой навык, который мог бы быть очень полезным для класса и для самой фракции. Имея это в виду, команда разработчиков Aigrind могла бы дать ему Rework, и римейк, будучи классом, который сильно зависит от энергии, невероятным изменением было бы преобразование типа из способности активного в текущий тип в пассивный, имеющий значительный результат. Разработчикам даже не нужно ломать голову, думая о визуальном эффекте, у него может быть только бонус, но в случае визуального эффекта у меня есть предложение (достаточно зажечь кулак охотника, чтобы сделать хороший цвет видимым будет красным). Подумай об этом.
  10. Warspear is a very good game but aigrind is taking the issue of Well (Sentinels / Elves) and Evil (Legion / Mcs) to be a balanced game, but it seems that the balance is thought more for the Elf side and believe this weight just helps them! I do not believe I'm going to give you 10 reasons why this topic 1 ° if you ask in the servers what class nerfada the answer is only one ROGUES. 2 - Do you know the best heal of the game? Good is an Elf, DRUIDA has a skill that in mine is in the opinion of many is the best cure of the game The "secret link" Heals in a matter of seconds and heals practically all his life without Speaking that he is the only one to have 4 Cures and one of them is a shield. 3. You already noticed how 90% of the elves have a skill in common! Not? All elves are blessed with a shield except ranger, no wonder the pro ran ranger gain a shield. 4 ° -Dk! before in the mcs one of the ways a free player earn a living was farmando LAB with a dk more now that "secret reserves" was nerfada this dream is only possible for those who have money to be full theft of life. 5 ° -MAGE! Before it was nothing deserved a buff I condordo more I think they went too far! Aigrind solved a hand or rather an eye, the "Eye of the Dragon" was not enough to regenerate all energy by hitting still 50% crit, you can even talk more and only when you use skill and you already counted how many damage magician abilities has? 7 I said 7 damage skills 4 Aoe and 3 single target. 6 ° -PALADIN! There are some things that annoys me on the paladin is a replica of the quirky leap but it is better in the area, stuns, and the best still criticism looks ironic. 7th -SHAMAN! there is not much to complain about here, but I could not stop talking about the lightning shield I heard that life stealing works with this ability, but now it's good not to mention that his News Skills leave MT to be desired. 8 ° - BARBARIAN! I am very sad to see the prejudice that others have with the barbarian if it is not PRO does not enter into groups because their tank skills are not so useful their stone skin was a triumph more now there is a similar better. 9 ° -BD! It's a Dmg or tank explain there! I think he should have more TANK skills and not DMG without mentioning that the cut tendon is very stolen from the distance I've already been picked up one more mile away not to mention the bleeding that is a bit high here. 10 ° - I left the best for the final WARDEN what to say neh! Class Most ROBED Ah most WARDEN has no damage will be !? 7wardens took the flag of the legion in the war that absurd wardens in t4 Mc of the map 2 spend hours and hours there farman LAB all alone and does not have to be pro not just have HP and block aigrind made a peripécia putting limit of 1s by regeneration to each block I call it a FALSE Nerf and many believe !! Either that changes or the game will only sink
  11. In your opinion hunter is this good or the Aigrind forgot something in it? like for example: In my opinion it is lacking a passive ability because the spaces are all full And you what are you?
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