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Commander in War


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Hi there!


I have a super idea about war.. I know that we must select a lead for war! but we will select it?? Which clan win last tournament, he will become leader in war!.


Annnd photo!!







- Choice a commander with vote system only guild leaders or heirs(top guilds in the guild rank).

- It will get a mount during war.

- It have different color text in chat during war.

- It have war skill (can be movenement speed)




Please write comment, idea or anythings!!

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Usually wars don't have leaders but maybe it is a motive for lvl 2 guilds to fight lvl 8s.. Well, looks like 1-2 guilds will always have that feature. And another thing.. Maybe the leader can be sleeping or being away. A fact is in most wars people go like sheeps horde.

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Disagree with mount and special skill, just give them special color text and make it visible like info chat and crafting info.


Now war is too boring, maybe it's too one sided battle (?). War in mmo should be fierce and competitive, it should be team A wins today, tommorow team B wins. While in Warspears it's sounds like this year team A wins, next year team B wins.


Here some of my suggestions about war:


-Make war "free to win" (no life scroll, pot, minion, guild skill (especially lv 10 guild skill), etc.)

-War variation:

                     ~Flag: old war system, take down 3 flag

                     ~Deatmatch: alliance with higher kills will win

                     ~Boss Hunting: alliance who deals higher damage to boss will win. (1-2m HP boss) Boss spwans in fair place (naidr town, bellow nadir, etc.)

                     ~Nadir Clash: during war time Nadir become war place, how to win: take down flag/occupy Nadir (like seal arena).


-War in Another Dimension: devs create new map dedicated for war place and make it as fair as possible, as we know both alliances complain each other. Legion complains about narrow stair and Sentinel complain about Kamp Riff and East Caravan too open wided.

-Change war time (?): Make survey or something to know which time is best for war

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Which member of the winning guild? The leader? Could the leader pass the war leadership if he just wants to defend Cliff/Gasphel? If the leader's absent, which one of the heirs gets the leadership? What if someone who knows nothing about wars becomes the leader? What if people simply ignore the one with special chat colors?

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I liked the thing's name in yellow, it would help a lot guiding the players during the war, but I don't agree with any non-democratic idea of choosing leaders neither in real life, nor in the game. it must be chosen by all players, and yes.. perhaps pass leadership.


it would never work on our server because the greatest guild leader in MC side robs players and threatens his members 

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I think when the system shows how long before the war started , each char could vote for a nick by typing a command for example : " @splendor " . And the system would count the votes for the most votes had its highlighted name to facilitate . I think riding and other things exaggeration , only the name of a different color is already very good, and  maybe free teleport to t3, t4 and t5 during the war...  :) 

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