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  1. The rogues class are being bugged at all updates! Invisibility does not work anymore after you hit with poison and use stun it to come out automatically, rogues need new skill to stun already or bring back reflexes.
  2. Aigrind could put new costumes arena store ... and higher type 150k point value , it would sell more tickets Arena
  3. Julie looks like you said it is legalized share account. and that upon entering the game has never pass information your login data to anythig player or administrator. my friends and "Srmonster Jhonatax Saca Grend Istallun Sonsa " were banned for this reason . then I guess aigrind investigate Guild Destiny and ban all sharing . aigrind this coming into contradiction it is up process
  4. Server Tourmaline-BR need adm or moderator for says in portuguese..players BR have difficulty for translation thanks aigrind serv BR need help
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