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1. How Tank classes are able to use heavy armour but can also use light armour.. (what tank would use light armour)


2. How mage and warlock cannot use light armor.. which would make sense if they could..


3.Bows/crowbows dropping in mc dg.. but can't use..


4. Daggers dropping in elf dg.. but can use..


5. How necro skill Panic 4/4 can fear 5 away.. but warlocks skill 5/5 can fear 1 away.. (Shouldn't necros expert skill Panic be warlocks default skill? And warlocks skill Fear should be necros expert skill..)


6. How BD's skill hamestring basically stuns them and does damage over time. How barbarian skill Rush stuns them but does no damage.. and not guaranteed for stun.


7. How barbarian Rush + Chop (bleeding skill) = BD skill Hamestring lol.


8. You can use scrolls right before arena (are effective)... but cannot use scrolls in arena.


9. Mages.. they don't even have a heal skill lmao. (Make sense if they did.. even if it was mini or a hp recovery boost)


10. Warlocks picture is a book.. but uses a staff (Suggestion add wands and books to use as shield for magic classes?)


feel free to share your opinions that you don't think makes sense in warspear.

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#1 makes sense

#2 meh why would a caster use light armor? It doesn't have magical damage, caster classes, especially healers, are supporters anyway, so they don't need a high defense.

#3 makes sense as well if you know how the drop system works.

#4 don't get what's unfair about that xD Daggers aren't a MC weapon.

#5 makes senses because expert skills are meant to be powerful.

#6 meh .-.

#7 double meh

#8 True, kinda senseless but I don't bother much about.

#9 why should Mages have a heal skill?

#10 lame.

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The only thing that doesn't make sense in Warspear for me is that devs don't buff skills that have very low use rates, and don't nerf skills with high use rates. And I mean with use rate the amount of people use skill points on that skill. Which leads to less variety in builds through players, you can barely see different builds in the game, which leads us to the one fact that there is an unbalance among skills. If devs take basis of use rate into account when fixing skills, most unbalance problems would be solved.

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@Raezer, you know how warlock has life exhaust? Ik it's not really a heal skill but it's something.. what if devs made mages Sun armour into a skill that boost mages HP recovery so both classes would have atleast something and in general what mages in all games don't have heal skill or something

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What you guys don't understand is that every class is supposed to have strenght and weakness.


You're talking of BD hamstring and rush. Hamstring is 2 yards range skill that disable skill and movement, while

barbarian charge is a 5 yards range skill that apply a stun with a % chance.


BD rush doesn't guarantee a 100% snare on your targets ; and it's an expert skill. (Wich is supposed to be stronger).


The real problem of blade dancers is their last 3 expert skills : Magical shield, counterattack, and power of blades.


Mage sun armor is powerfull since they buffed it ; and I wouldn't like them to replace it for a small heal, just because you have pve problems for questing. It's a unique skill that strongly buff mr.

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