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Change Time of War in Eu Emerald

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Dear Developers & GMs,

      I Suggest to Change the war time in Eu Emerald From 18Cet to 15Cet. Because many players cant join war because it is very Early in the Morning. ( Its 2am here at Philippines ),. Many players wants to join the war, but its hard to wake up! some Players have Work and Classes. And Remember you made a Achievement for War Times, but how we can make it if we cant Join war, This is my Suggestion and I hope you will make this ASAP ! Please Developers & GMs. Thank you for Reading my Suggestion, this is Serious.


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Well not everyone can join wars , i face the same i just dont join , im in europe and i play american server


Same well was in europe and war used to be 4am in the morning. Now in australia its 1pm my time that's when I'm always at school. Hardly can join war twice a months :/ anyway you have to accept it or change server to sa-pearl :)
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The war time is based on the time when the most people are logging actually. And since it is the European server I guess it is clear and understandable that the war times are made for them and not for Asian people.


:( make war 2 times a day :D xD HAHA Joke


please make a portal to go in other realms

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