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  1. i think just add cd time after warden got hp from block its rip for war, mage barier too need to remake
  2. but this is special relic maybe can added in roaarr
  3. why icy relic increase critical when rage active not available for barbarian? all hero can use this except barb?
  4. Hi, here i cant play since 2.00 pm gmt+7 hard to login and if i cn login after 1min dc and always lag I post this coz many indonesian got this problem Thx
  5. max on pit,nighmare and panic
  6. max on pit,nighmare and panic
  7. Rip necro rip necro nerf nerf nerf xd Oh my pit bring back 80% if cd 30
  8. Necro will cry 2 class cant receive negative effect :sad:
  9. 100> 150 > 50 ? many qst kill elf/mc and cant done in 1day Why why why
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