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Valentines Day!

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I think you should have a small weekend event for valentines day this year or even next Year hopefully this one.

All Tuxedos and Dresses 75% off regular price.

a simple quest exactly like last years rune oracles summer event which gives you a free costume this one should make you walk a lot and talk with dialogue and at the end give you a gift in which you open gives you a Heart costume (Gift) in many different colors of all the candy hearts. And a Wedding Ring which is Lv1 and gives 15% Health and 5% Mana


add suggestions below thought it would make the event really fun and the ring should be parameters "Sending" and you have to send to your ws valentine :3 Any suggestions comment like

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I like Choclate idea but dungeon nah weekend dungeon not worth it and dr on dungeons untrustworthy and low. Choclate from a free gift would be nice like from warspear developers and staff take these Choclate snacks to heal your heart this

valentines day and give you 10 100% boosting mana and hp chocolates in a red heart box ;D just a little something

Devs should add

All this besides sex because its a kids 9+ game. To make valentines

Day a more

Loveable friendly weekend on ws online

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