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Arena shops and items


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I dont buy miracle coins. So to get arena points i do all my daily fights. Now this works well and i get the equipment i need. I think this is amazing. However when my character "outgrows" the equipment (can get better higher level stuff) i find i am at a loss. I can not re-gain the points i spent. Whereas if i bought an item with gold i could get my money back by selling it. Hence i think if you have an item or equipment bought in the arena shop with arena points, you should get arena points back if you sell it to the arena shop. But to stop people farming the points, you should only get half what it costs to buy.


For example: i buy some armor from arena shop for 2500 arena points. YAY its great. Now i level up and i need new arena armor. I can sell my old one to the arena shop for 1250 arena points because i bought it for 2500.


I think this will save many players much time and encourage people to level up and enjoy the game to greater extent. It will not impact on the ammount of money you make AIgrind. I know money is important to you :D after all you are a business. It may even encourage people to buy arena tickets and get arena armor. Thanks for reading


Gzzzzzgrzk - barbarion - eu emerald

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I don't know, arena points are pretty easy to get, but sure. I guess it would be nice if you could get some ap back, but maybe not 50%. More like....10% or something, idk.

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Lol ty for all positive comments. It just always bums me when i have to sell arena gear. And ok maybe you should get less than 50%  maybe 30% or 20% yeah.  :drinks:

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