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  1. Ty. I think this would be useful. I hope gets noticed
  2. Sorry typo ^ my old kik was gzgrrzk But its irrelevant really
  3. lol why not. Ill do mine but nobody spam me pls lol Eu Emerald: Gzzzzzgrzk (barb lvl 18) Gzzownu (rogue lvl 10) Gzzzgrrzk (druid lvl 14) Gzzgrzk (ranger lvl 14) I have more char but these are only ones you will see me using Kik: gzgrrzk2 (My old kik was gzgrrK but is on old iPod so i dont use - inactive)
  4. Lol ty for all positive comments. It just always bums me when i have to sell arena gear. And ok maybe you should get less than 50% maybe 30% or 20% yeah.
  5. I dont buy miracle coins. So to get arena points i do all my daily fights. Now this works well and i get the equipment i need. I think this is amazing. However when my character "outgrows" the equipment (can get better higher level stuff) i find i am at a loss. I can not re-gain the points i spent. Whereas if i bought an item with gold i could get my money back by selling it. Hence i think if you have an item or equipment bought in the arena shop with arena points, you should get arena points back if you sell it to the arena shop. But to stop people farming the points, you should only get half
  6. gzgrrzk

    Hi :)

    I play eu emerald. Ranger gzzgrzk. Ask any questions i will try and answer :)
  7. But says first panda guild in description.
  8. gzgrrzk


    Hey i win some i lose some. My win rate is like 50-60%, not brilliant but I'm happy
  9. gzgrrzk


    Ah me no I'm not pro I'm just happy I got nice win
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