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TV/internet shows you love and want to share


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its hard to find good shows these days. Almost everything is just a rip off version of another show. With low quality acting and scripting. Almost no originality left. But I do have my faves.


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, because Will Smith is just awesome.


1000 Ways to Die, shows many different ways people have died. I liked this show at first. They showed a dramatization and explained in every scientific detail how and why they died. Now the acting is so cheesy and they exaggerate the visual effects, just rushing to the gore. Kind of what happened to Saw after the new director took over.


Big Bang Theory, always funny and well plotted, not just random joke after random joke with bad acting and the usual stories as other sitcoms. Probably one of the best sitcoms out there now, but still no fresh prince. I can pretty much say the same about Modern Family.


Two and a half men, not too bad, less sophisticated and kind of egotistical, always pointing out how Quagmire Charlie Sheen is. Still would rather watch this over most of the other sitcoms out there.


Seinfeld, I didnt like it at first but then I became a fan. Jerry might not be funny at stand up comedy but his writing is funny, and Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm is the same type of humor but more modern and rated "M". Not the best but not the worst.


Ripley's believe it or not, very good show. Almost always amazed me. But then again, it was easier to amaze me back then.


X-files, another good one. I liked some episodes much more than others, I just wish I had seen it from beginning to end.


Conspiracy files (unsealed alien files or whatever its called now), I liked this show at first. They showed actual proven facts and interesting conspiracy theories. Now its just a bunch of speculations and bizarre theories with people saying things as if they are facts just because at the opening they show in small print "all statements are opinions of the people speaking" or some crap. Desperate attempts to try to keep it interesting after they ran out of stuff to talk about.


Life after Humans, I love this show. They show what will happen to the planet if/when humans are all gone. Every episode has different themes, and very much to talk about and in detail, with help from experts in different subjects and scientific facts. From animals, to chemicals, rivers and bridges, landmarks and cities all over the world. Very educational and always interesting. Great show.

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not a fan of big bang, but seinfeld is a masterpiece in itself, that comedian did a wonderful job transitioning from comedian to tv show star.






ripleys went out of production or something? i always watched ripleys but nowadays nobody even talks about it

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Two and Half Men,Big Bang Theory,Anger Management,Friends,How I met your Mother,Amazing Race series,Prison Break,Vegas,Firefly and last but not least "Sherlock" (My personal favorite)

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Fringe, Bones, NCIS, According to Jim, The Simpsons, Family guy and many more i usually flip the TV till i find something gd to watch xD i dont follow them up 24/7

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how could I forget about Dexter? I own all the dvds except the final season, need to go buy it. We think so much alike, from religious views to social awkwardness. I can say he is more socially open than me tho, I only talk to close friends in real life, other than that Im always quiet. probably my most favorite show as far as recent ones go.

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i think i just found my new favorite show



i cannot stop laughing

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On 10/24/2023 at 9:39 AM, AlinaSophie said:

The programs and TV streams that I love have diverse content, news or movies that bring something new and especially they do not require registration.

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