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  1. It has been suggested before like the day and night cycle. Never going to happen.
  2. Stardew valley is for singleplayers. You can't compare an mmo like warspear to an offline singleplayer game.
  3. Og I forgot it's a new year.

  4. Don't be sad about it. Warspear will last before 2100.
  5. Just don't start with a ranger. They suck now.
  6. Warlocks have the weirdest skills in warspear compared to other warlocks in other mmos or rpgs, etc.
  7. Contact the support team and wait for their reply.
  8. I really like how the new firstborn and forsaken classes were shown in the previews without publicly announcing these two new classes secretly.
  9. I heard the sentinels side haven't won wars since July in us-sapphire.
  10. Do you want to delete it because your username is your full name? LMAO
  11. Most of the time people sell lvl 18 and 20 gears too expensive, so not worth it. Cc alone is annoying to get, so again, not worth it.
  12. Lol I have heard of many players some takes even years to get +10. Have you seen rich players, old and new that are still +9?
  13. I love it that warspear is becoming like skylore and skylore is becoming like warspear.
  14. No, they're not gonna comeback. Ever. Warspear doesn't have a lost and found area.
  15. Yes, we all from other servers shall bow down to SEA-PEARL server players because of their supremacy.
  16. Here's the best quality of the photo I enhanced.
  17. It has blue so it's part nuadu and it has orange so it part harad. I know what it is. Nuadu and Harad's poop.
  18. Some people are toxic in discord. 🤢

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