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  1. Yes. Chosen and MC (Both are humans) have 5 classes now while the Elves and Forsaken has 4 only. (No increase)
  2. Lol. You didn't read didn't you? The made these two classes only as a "balance" to the missing niche of each faction. Adding 4 new classes will be problematic if they didn't added a proper solution on the long term.
  3. Although I do want to suggest another two new classes like an elf archmage or something and for the forsaken is a dark ranger or something xD
  4. My suggestions were answered! (Obviously they were suggested before but) 🥰
  5. I'm going to assume the female moderator you wanna mention is "Poley". Quite interesting how the past is always mentioned in the present to correct the past mistakes.
  6. The past 2 wars elfs and mcs always get draw on us sapphire. While on eu, elfs always win during wars. Mcs on sapphire have a lot of connections and elf chars probably, etc.
  7. Your are Khorne, also known as Kharneth, the Blood God, the Lord of Murder and the Hunter of Souls, is the Chaos God of War, Honour, Courage, Rage, Strength and Hate. His domain of power encompasses the most basic and brutal of sentient emotion and every act of killing is said to empower Him, the more vicious and bloodthirsty the better. He is said to smile upon feats of valour, strength and blood-drenched warrior skill, and is the patron of proud warriors who set themselves against the odds and emerge triumphant through strength and skill. Khorne is said to exalt the brave of both sides of th
  8. I'm going to suggest to dismantle the merman trials. They could make a better alternative. 🤔
  9. I'm going to assume that 99.9% of warspear users don't read about EULA.
  10. I'm not an expert about this topic but isn't being permanently ip banned bypassable? New phone/pc, ip, vpn, etc. can be changed easily and create a new account again.
  11. Huhu mc player is demanding things again. You should advertise the game internationally so many players can join mc side. Very stupid to think hat limited faction choosing should implemented. Mc side sucks, most players wont help you because they are mcoin users.
  12. Oh, it's Sep tem ber now

  13. If both US and EU merge, the sentinels side will be two times larger than it already is. And Legion side will still be a minority. Another bad idea. Let people choose what class and faction they want to use! PEOPLE HAVE THE FREEDOM AND RIGHTS TO CHOOSE!
  14. LOL. This was suggested before a long time ago around 2011-2014.
  15. Suggestion will kill f2p players more.
  16. Maliat was once their capital. They should take it by force and resurrect queen Valariya.
  17. I guess the drop rate of bosses aside from dgs got lowered. All we get are spheres, craft resources, or NOTHING AT ALL.
  18. Most players on mc (LEGION SIDE) are mcoin users although there are many players that don't buy mcoins yet they can reach higher levels by luck, friends, etc. Those who are f2p players, I suggest go play on elf (SENTINELS SIDE) because they have more players and have many helpers unlike mc side which is quite the opposite.
  19. It’s funny that the Firstborn/Elves look poorer and underpopulated than their Dark Elves cousins when you compare Melvendil and Aivondil.
  20. Developers, I’m suggesting that you people should make improvements and changes on Irselnort. The place is becoming more and more feeling obsolete as time goes by.
  21. Countless players I met and I have forgotten their names as time goes on

  22. I miss this funny guy 😂

  23. Hello blueborn

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