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  1. 1. Wrong(She was there from day one) 2. Wrong(Yes,you leveled in guild,but hasn't been there ever since) 3. Wrong(I don't remember wearing Demonologist of yours) 4. Wrong(Again I don't remember,me lending u Snorlar) Clearly,you are lying.
  2. So,the issue is solved. I did wait for this to happen,so as this took back to the roots of Vortex. I would like to share a small incident that happened when guild updates was around the corner,the 14 guild members was already decided. I and all other 13 will still trust anyone among us. So,during this time we wanted to name a leader as Warspear had asked for it. There was a turmoil who should be the lead,nobody wanted to be the leader including myself,but as I was more active does days they forced me to be create and they all joined in. Coming to this issue: What I wanted to convey is fro
  3. xD You were planning a return pemby?
  4. Actually,there are like 196 countries in the World and how did players from 211 countries play warspear?
  5. Yes Sir I know,but the reason for instability in the case of Warspear is it should provide a single .apk file that should support all versions of Android.This creates instability as the same apk file developed for 4.0+ will cause problems in 2.x ones and vise versa. A multiple apk files can be created for the same app only if the app size is greater than 50MB so this rule of Google Play might be contradicting.
  6. Turtle, Proscan tablets is powered by OS Android 4.1(Jelly bean).So you can play Warspear with it.Also Proscan tablets DO NOT HAVE LICENSE for Google Play. That is why there is no Google Play Market on your tablet.There is a Market store you can use to download apps. It is called "GetJar". I think even direct .apk files from Warspear website won't get downloaded.
  7. No,Even new Google devs didn't set any rules for their older versions nor lack the support from them. I think this is how Warspear devs are analyzing the current situation. Android 2.x OS has already fallen below 50% of Googles ecosystem.So in coming days its likely to get lower.Hence a basic question: Should Android devs abandon V 2.x? Warspear have told Yes to abandon 2.x OS.Its not a rude gesture by Devs because as a developer you have to know your target audience, and your capabilities as far as how much time, energy, and resources it would take to build your app for various user
  8. Strombreaker Cape/Mantles?or Ruberrius something...forgot exact name or Aquilons Moon Cloak
  9. New ways of hacking:http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=151357
  10. +1,True. Also there are lot of instances in which support team themselves gave away account to wrong persons when they had provided little evidence claiming for account.
  11. Also add Miracle Coin Entry fee?
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