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Crafting Resources(Locations)

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I can give you the following data. The second one was done by Ladygi.



Item: Common catalyse

Gotten from/by: Bg tower, normal difficulty from the chest.




Item: Energy catalyst

Gotten from/by: Dissasembling arena staffs





For now the only resources that you can craft with that aren't craftable, are the catalysts, so I think you only shoul ask about them. And are you going to put all the info in a guide when it's done? Or else, if you let me, I can do so.  ::)



how do you guys unlock the 2nd slot for crafting? I'm pretty sure I've already did more than 20 tasks yet it will not unlock. Does it have to be weapons or are the resources crafting also counted? :wacko:


Pls, don't write OT. Ask in a separate post, ty.







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Deltaman,Yes i think u should do it.I can't managed these kinds of stuff.

[/quote Ok then. If I find enough data I will make maybe make a guide that is precise of which catalysts drop where and so on. Just gotta get some more material though.

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Writing OT is allowed in tavern


This should be in Guides

This ^

Try this topic. Even add to it if you like.

LINK: Crafting Central - now in sexy google doc style


And Cata's are found by dissembling certain weapons ( as listed via the linked topic ) with a percentage of chance, Berengar tower chest and killing bosses with equal level or higher as the players in party.


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Disassembling some lvl 9 equipment might give you those yellow catalysts (can't remember the name), althought you won't find lvl 9 equipment so easily, and you won't readily disassemble it.

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Catalyst drop in eye? yes or not? :(



according to devs, yes



Bosses in Labyrinth:- Character of any level can get a piece of equipment- Party level shouldn't be higher (than boss's level) to get catalysts, unity signs or minions.

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