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  1. sooo cute.. this deserve to be in game... kawaii and that staff skin
  2. In a server like eu emerald, arena 5x5 doesn't exist.. XD if you don't want to die easily use your jump to run and yeah mage is not for Pvp unless you are too OP :3
  3. Old SS:when we attended Wedding Ceremony at chosen church.. they are divorced now.. haha
  4. From Little Prince "Only with the heart can see clearly, what is essential is invisible to the naked eye"
  5. It last just in time u hitted the 3 damage skill of mage.. Not bad at all.. :D no dodge..
  6. Yes, how about the mage skill that never activates w/ 3/3 lvl?
  7. yea mine to does'nt appear when i lvl it up.. :facepalm: i had send some screenies to ws support.. :(
  8. daan daan lng.. :drinks:
  9. cezt

    New Expert Skill.

    from the two new skills,what should i level up the blazing ground or this barrier? or i leave the two at lvl 1? thanks :drinks:
  10. got ethereal, amplified and energy catalyst in normal and common in easy..
  11. My bf introduced me this game. Now, im more active than him in game.. :D
  12. Sometimes, even w/ proves they cant still do anything.. :(
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