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Killing myself, bye

Dying to see you say this is fake coz demonologist has no name.

My feels, bro, my feels


Old pic! :tease:

he was called noname boss then he used a name change


Nameless* ;)

I got the fake one... it's capeless.  :facepalm:


request fix pleaasssseee?  :cray:


Demo has no cape, "Summon Plague Witch Doctor" who's a cape :good:
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Lol after I finally quit warspear someone has finally gotten demo suit . Well congrats uncommon :D and for the fact that your a ranger wearing demo suit made me happier .

I will still be the only one to weild war spears most Destructive weapon!

Godsranges Night bow of the gods :friends: :drinks: :dirol: :dirol:


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Uncommon, Uncommon,  post a pic




I posted one somewhere at forums. :)



*Saffo got another one, congratulations to elves xD


:'( :'( :'( , I saw him yesterday with "Xspiritx" going to Sanctuary, but I thought hes going to do "Sanctuaries of Constellations" quest.

There's Elvanator and that's it


Ok then the result is 2-1 for FirstChosens  :yahoo: .
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