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  1. Arena gears all the way. :snorlax:
  2. Power shot's cooldown is 8 sec, while fire arrow is 16 sec. 8 sec difference is alot. Maximizing the one with shorter cooldown is better Ranger blessing, enables double attack, therefore double damage, more chance the better. Power shot and blessing. In my opinion, never trade off this main two skills for others.
  3. If you do 5 vs 5 arena alot, you can maximize the AoE (area of effect) skills of mages. While in 2 vs 2 arena, you can utilize the concentrated damage to a single person.
  4. Unbind your cbow and amp it again!! Whatever you do goodluck bro! :yahoo:
  5. Its when you 'warp after' arena, you will be invincible for a certain period of time.
  6. no rare item nor maximum amplified gear can be better than friends. :cray:
  7. im a solid elf player, but one tip i can share is... make and elf, then add Kjilmo in friendlist, and finally.. do it when he's off. ;D
  8. Uncommon

    New skills

    Would be better if mcoin, at least there is sale.
  9. I'll wear no amplify gears while waiting for arena, then once inside arena I'll change back to my amplified ones. :facepalm:
  10. I posted one somewhere at forums. :) *Saffo got another one, congratulations to elves xD
  11. I got the fake one... it's capeless. :facepalm: request fix pleaasssseee? :cray:
  12. the set sign ain't thay bad. lol
  13. people usually stay in 18 to avoid new gear updates that will make previous gears obsolete/inferior which how mmorpg games with amplify system usually works. it doesnt really mean we're hiding. mind you we've beaten good lvl 20 players(not naming to avoid flame) in arena, if i got the chance i'll post screenshots. well the guild NOOB, isnt really a lvl 18 guild. in fact we barely encounter them on arena. lastly, when update comes i'll level up and mince you in arena personally.
  14. Hello brother elves! i just want to share this triumph in our farming. If I'm not mistaken, it is the first [Demonologist's Suit] in elves (sapphire server). Thanks to the team! Skitzie, Xxamitxx, Snipedownx, Spykids. :friends: also to those hyena mcs who disturbed the process... *bleh* :tease:
  15. Uncommon

    Hello :)

    Try playing all jobs, then choose the class you enjoy the most. Personally, i suggest ranger ( for damage) or bladedancer ( for fun ) ;D
  16. A ranking that shows number enemy of enemy player kills in the open world (not including arena). This would make both opposite factions aggresive, more wars, more demand for mcoin items (devs get richer :pleasantry: ), more fun.
  17. it's confusing to decide which skill to improve when all you can read is:"Skill Damage/Effect increases with its level." would it be better if: (ranger's dodge skill as for example..) *doesn't follow actual game values. lvl 1 - +2% lvl 2 - +4% lvl 3 - +6% lvl 4 - +8% lvl 5 - +15%
  18. check it again, increment is by 2% now. ;D
  19. not enough proof, though the fact that he sells game currency for real life money breaks the rule already, am I right? or it's not true to game. :nea:
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