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  1. Another 13 sets failed today after hard work selling surprise chests have nothing to show for it
  2. Thanks Shitzo, I feel a little better. But I truly did use 2000 signs God knows I'm not telling lies I've posted also before when i was at 150 sets used it's rediculous.
  3. U dont know anything kid. What did i say?
  4. The amount of money I spent on this game i could have bought a car lol. All I want to know is the odds to +10, can I get an answer from someone who knows the real odds? The only odds of successful amp known is 0-+1 is 100% success. Whats the odds to +10 from +9? Is it less than .1%?
  5. B.s. I dont know anyone on this game who spent 2000+ signs on one item except me. I dont want an opinion from some random noob i want an answer from a game developer/ moderator.
  6. I spent close to 2000 signs just from +9 trying for +10 is my bow bugged? Ive heard people suggest unbinding and try again but I just cant do that. Im disappointed. Please tell me whats going on please or atleast the odds to +10 my doom bow from +9.
  7. I used to race my friend drinking those little Tabasco bottles in m.r.e's in elementary school lol
  8. Post your luck. This category is for anyone to track and share what you spend your signs on so you and everyone else can get an idea of how often success happens. For example i am at 155 sets of signs into my +9 bow of sudden doom. Any more signs i spend i will post on this topic feel free to track yours here too. Thanks [pre][/pre]
  9. I swear i used 155 set of signs and im still +9 sudden doom bow thats 1550 signs no bs.
  10. Did they delete my post and my chart lol .3375% +10 is probably right
  11. We dont need arms lol we still have mouths and each other haha ;D
  12. Ok tyvm everyone yes i used potion after killing boss but still in dungeoun. Next time i will make sure to use pot before boss is dead, just thought aslong as used before exiting would receive double gp bt i understand ty again everyone :)
  13. Sorry meant to make this topic in support instead of suggestions.
  14. This is the second time this occured with me. When I use unity potion while in dungeon after killing boss before exiting it still gives me 76gp instead of 152gp any reason for this or is this just a bug? Ty support team.
  15. Ill miss everyone played this game for about 3 years but I just bought 12600 mcoins and had gold already to amp and failed on all mcoins. I spent all on amping my +9 doom bow and I've used over 120 sets on that bow that's 1200 signs 1200 damage spheres and 1200 attempts at 257 gold. Done
  16. We all love the moderators, get it right. The game developers... Straight ass holes and noone cares about what consequences we might face for speaking our minds, I've been playing this game 3 years I guess I was due to b itch and complain about my perspective of things
  17. Flippity flop f u c k you devs I'm not buying mcoins for a month because of this shit blam assclown. .l..
  18. Go kill yourself whoever voted towards keeping costume the same after clearly listing it for tournaments 15 and 16.
  19. Just this once you should change award to crocodile, we set an example to work hard in the dark not knowing what guild award is, yet everyone thought it wouldn't be aviid costume because it was listed clearly for tournament 14 and the following(which would be 15). Why wouldn't u just announce 3 at a time instead of saying 2 leading players to assume that the award would be different? Man that is low down and very dick headish.
  20. Go duck your self, it sais clearly from one of u moderator bastards last costume was for tournament 14 and 15 not 16 dumb asses.
  21. Its all good now, just wish I knew minimum requirements or reasons to be kicked before tourny. Ex. - lowest 5 gp earners will be kicked and wouldn't have a problem with that or anything else. Just let people know. U could even say only top 20 guild point earners get award and that would have been fine, and I wouldnt be upset at all.
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