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  1. Same I also had same issue. The landscaping areas were getting on & off in continuous basis.
  2. It has not been fixed. Well where is the fair game if some classes can use skills in merman? If this is the case let every class use the skill. Devs need to rethink.
  3. Check the drop rate of Attack Strength Book & Troll Costumes. So far no one has got in 2 days. Idk whats the point in so low drop rate.
  4. My guild member lost kronus healer boots when he was trying to amp it from 0 to 1 without sign as we know items not fail from 0-1. Is that bug or what? I'm providing ss.
  5. So far spring dg was best. Low hp boss and dg required less time to complete it. I did like 60-70 runs
  6. Same here my full +10 party failed too many times...
  7. Nah i spam with full +10 party but still we die a lot
  8. I don't understand why you guys design too hard dg. We are playing for fun not for getting bored.. And Tecnopolis dg OMG.. Its like 5 times fail 1 time win for party of +9-+10s. And typically its impossible for low amp players and neither they gonna get invitation for dg party. If people will get harder dg then they will be easily bored from the game and If you will design quite easy dg then people gonna spam more so more drops and miracle coins will be spent on sign. Ultimately you gonna get more revenue. My point behind this topic is that don't make players bored. Game should be well balanced.
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