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Warspear working with NSA ?^^

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Dear players,

Before installing this game did you ever read the privacy policy?if not then watch this.

By accepting the PP you accept that whoever can...


1. listen to your phone calls

2. see all your personal data (name,address etc..)

3. follow you on on GPS (able to find you everywhete)

4. find out your Credit Card Number (by listening to your phone calls or in chats)


I hope you all know now in wich risks you are :-)


Dieinpeace                        (topic maybe gets deleted^^)

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Devs can't even make a decent gamee.... they are to dumb to work with nasa




And btw, every single phone company/internet provider can monitor your calls or data as well...

Not big news the OP is bringing.

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Stop being so goddamn silly. Why are you so afraid of getting your phonecalls listened too? Are you secretly talking with Al Qaida or what? And why so you care if they know where you are? re you gonna escape from the law? I mean srsly guys. nd I don't even think they can listen to all your ridiculous phonecalls. Thet probably don't even care abt em

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