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Arena class limit restriction

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The suggestion is quite simple,

only a certain number of classes can be in one team in an arena fight.


2 vs 2:

Maximum number of 1 of each class to be in one team


3 vs 3:

Maximun number of 1 Warlock/Mage/Shaman/Druid, 2 Necromancers/Priests/Barbarians/Bladedancers/Rangers/Rogues/Paladin/Deathknight


5 vs 5:

maximum number of 1 Warlock/Mage, 2 Shamans/Druids/Necromancers/Priests/Rangers, 3 Barbarians/Bladedancers/Rogues/Paladin/Deathknight


This is to bring balance into arena fights and making it more fun and requires strategies and teamwork.

Also would bring more melees into arena.

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I like the idea, but i think its going to take forever waiting for an arena to start, when people go random.


Also maybe at 5x5 there could be 2 warlocks/mages. Sure you get 2 circles and massive area skills, but at least its possible for first circle to fail and the rest of the team can strike, and focus on killing 1 mage then kill the rest.


This idea definitely needs to be implemented, would make arenas challenging again :yahoo:

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