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  1. Mail items to yourself? Huh, doesnt sound bad at all, although that doesnt solve the issue of surprise chest abuse. Personal items are personal to that character, not to the account. If it was made personal to the account, the game would be a little bit messed upped and complicated.
  2. bachu was never, and never will be a scammer. She is one of the most trustworthy players that i know in this game, and one of the very first friends i have made. She worked hard for what she has now, spending countless hours hunting and farming. Do not spoil her name by accusing her of such things. Bachu can be sometimes too trusting, thats why her priest was hacked, but she has a good heart and great intentions. Never speak lies about her :diablo: to gm, please do something about this, bachu spent money on this game as well, and is a really old player.
  3. shall i expand more on my application? well i have to apologise for the poor write up, im not that great at starting conversations, or talking about myself. If i wrote about my history of playing warspear, its long and quite boring. so where to start? I have a druid named pheonixfly, and its my main character. After playing on it for months, i decided to make a shaman, phoenixfly. At first that shaman was used to communicate with mcs, like asking them if it was ok for elves to do cl, or thanking a mc for helping me out at norlant. It was also used to talk to my mc friends. Finally i was inspired to play it because i saw my friend timekat level up his shaman. From there i pretty much started playing part mc. My little shaman was staying at level 14 until i got all the level 17 arena gears. Its now level 17 with full arena set. While it was just doing arenas, my shaman stayed at pvp cave, and i made many great friends there, just talking crap every now and then xD (btw, thanks nub for helping me lvl! :give_rose: ) When guilds came about, i joined relentless on elf(cause thats where my main char is). At first, i had no desire to join a guild on mc, i wouldnt be very productive just staying level 14. However, relentless made a guild called homiez on mc, and so i joined. I've questing ever since all the level 17 gears were in my inventory, and am still continuing to quest in order to level up. The reason why i wish to join abc and leave homiez is because, as i said earlier, its pretty much dead. When im online, almost all the time everyone else is offline. Its quite lonely being in a guild where its so silent. I dont mind so much about the guild points, i will help to gain some, and buy signs to progress the guild, but i join a guild because of the people in it. I have quite a few friends who are members at abc, and i respect the rest of them. abc to me represents a guild thats fun, caring, trustworthy, where people will stand by each other, and where new friends can be made. I've always thought abc is the best guild on mc side (im also a bit biased cause of the stuff my friends say xD). So i wish to take part in it. Dont get me wrong, i dont care about the victories a guild achieves, its great and all, but that will never be the reason why i would join a guild. Its just a game, and a great platform to get to know people that i would otherwise never get the chance to meet, or less of a chance.
  4. Hey guys, i was wondering if i could join abc. I'm currently in "homiez", but the guilds quite dead, because our main guild is on elves "relentless". I haven't been playing much because of test and exams, but i still try to do some quests that don't take up much time. Quite a few of you know me, and how I'm like. I won't lie, i can be quite lazy at times, but i'll work hard and fight for something i believe in. Yours sincerely, phoe/pheo xD
  5. Ever tried playing on 2 devices at the same time? Its crazy hard trying to focus on 2 things at 1 time. Your brain isn't meant to multitask like that. As for him having a higher lvl bow, its an advantage of an older player. Besides, how many people actually bother staying at lvl 6 to do arena? They normally just level up and stay at lvl 14 to get arena gears. His bow does more damage than others, so? If you want to, get a +10 novice bow and try betting him. I'm not too sure about how much dmg a fully equiped ice queen and +10 novice bows damage would produce, but it will deal a lot. Btw how do you know he is using a lvl 9 bow? edit: get a novice +10 staff xD forgot you play a shaman. Also, shamans at low lvl suck in comparison to low lvl melees. Melees do more dmg than a you can heal/stun/kite..
  6. I don't agree with this. What happens when you get a costume you already have? Its redundant having 2 customes that are exactly the same and cannot be traded or given to one of your characters or gifting a friend. Also how about crystals? For example my druid gets crystal of inspiration(bow) and my ranger really needs that but i am unable to transfer it because its personal. Its a waste. Many players do abuse this system, but having the items turn personal isn't the way to solve the problem.
  7. Awww arflex :'( i'll miss you! can't believe you are leaving :( and i still can't beat you in pvp! xD take care of yourself and i wish you well in life :give_rose: p.s. you are welcome on elf side :D i'd help out your ranger!
  8. Aww sorry noah, i hardly come on forum :( but I'm playing again :yahoo: i just don't have much time to play because of school, tests and upcoming exams. If you come on eu at around 5-6pm +8GMT you could probably find me ;) hope to see there my friend! :friends: at springy, thanks and yea i agree some wars can be fun, like a huge mob of mcs invading elves caravan xD so epic!
  9. Yay ws on my symbian phone has been updated :yahoo: i got my bank characters back xD thanks devs for fixing the problem asap! :good:
  10. Druid sd staff, from captives, middle option hatchet of sd, from hydra quest, middle option haven't been to norlant for months so the info is kinda outdated. devs could have changed the reward system chances.
  11. :shok: :shok: :shok: Omg! No no! Not rage spam! Anything but rage spam! I'll come back! Promise! Just no rage spam please!! :shout: xD
  12. Never!! >:D. xD lol just have to wait until the new update comes, which is the 17th? of september. Well...2 more days lmao. So much for 1 month protest rage quit :lol:
  13. Omg squidy! :bad: Did you guys send ticket? Devs have definitely got to do something about this.
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