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  1. I am sorry.But it seems... That you are ghey.
  2. Page 33. Last post. Nuff said.
  3. You don't say? Towel baby. Answer: Quest blocks at Zeneth haf: All except Aqueducts, Island of lost souls and Tellus block each other. Kotaravva quest blocks: Dedirich - Carnivora - Kapela's concution - Captured Shaman - Lost souls Captives - Ravvas kisses Quest that don't block anything: Aqueducts - Hydra - Hydra bait - Tellus - Meniru Nuff said.
  4. Question - Will the costumes come from the caskets or will they be delivered in mail and caskets will contain random consumables? In my opinion the " rare " items should be receiving instantly, players shouldn't be able to trade them or sell them, with guild mates it would be ok, but with other people, no. If these costumes would just be sold to rich people with a guild that doesn't even work for gp, probably a guild where it's just that person, or maybe even no guilds then these rare items would lose their uniqueness. And about the rewards, I think it would be better if there was like 3 or more costumes and we would have to select 1 we would want, maybe make it like when you turn in a quest - it shows 3 rewards and you must select 1. Most importantly there should be female versions. Atleast consider the female versions, it's unfair that most costumes are designed for males, there should be 2 versions atleast or provide 3 costumes and we must choose one, one could be male, one could be female and the other could be unisex.
  5. Nope Reu is not a boy or a girl. He is something more special, a towel baby.
  6. Not all quests in Zeneth haf are always there. I think the quests change every week or something, sometimes you can't find Golden wyverns, Nasty frogls, Ravva's breath, Insanity in the swamps and etc. All quests except Tellus, Aqueducts and Island of lost souls block each other just like Captured shaman blocks Dedirich and etc.
  7. Spirit Hydra was kinda like inbetween the time of Halloweens Blackjack and Christmas Avenger. It probably came when Halloween update was finished then at Christmas was replaced by Avenger then Demonologist. Not sure what it drops though.
  8. The suggestion is quite simple, only a certain number of classes can be in one team in an arena fight. 2 vs 2: Maximum number of 1 of each class to be in one team 3 vs 3: Maximun number of 1 Warlock/Mage/Shaman/Druid, 2 Necromancers/Priests/Barbarians/Bladedancers/Rangers/Rogues/Paladin/Deathknight 5 vs 5: maximum number of 1 Warlock/Mage, 2 Shamans/Druids/Necromancers/Priests/Rangers, 3 Barbarians/Bladedancers/Rogues/Paladin/Deathknight This is to bring balance into arena fights and making it more fun and requires strategies and teamwork. Also would bring more melees into arena.
  9. 3 teams 1 boss 2 noobs noob team makes truce and kill boss team first and start stabbing each other. noob teams are probably full of warlocks. no.
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