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Miss Me?


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Guest XthekingX

Trust no one  :good:



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O.o aww not even the born?


Especially born!

Joke  ;D



Nah, just giving the kid what he wants. Anws, think everyone knows I not even take passwords. Don't want people blaming me if something happens  :)

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I can trust everyone, no matter what, I can recover my account.. and i can recover their account as mine who dream to think to cheat  me 8)



No problem to recover account. Not so easy to recover items, unless they are from novice set.






Never forget #1 mmorpg rule!


Depends who you play with. Both in WoW and RotMG we shared accounts. In WoW, to raid with them if someone couldn't make it, in Realm to add them to muledump, and share items. If you play with kids, no doubt you will get scammed. Adults, are much more honorable.
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Midge you were the first friend I came to know in this game, and the one to guide me how to play :give_rose:  miss you, and let me know who wants to hug me :blush: , umm, I have given my all chars to BD "Lordhunter", He asked for it ;D . I will be back after some months, I guess. :drinks:


haha:D its nothing broo by the way. Goodluck to you.. :yahoo:
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