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  1. hmm i play this game since 2011 i follow any update in this game and i love so much this game but 1 think i hate the lag now lag more worse...goodbye warspear i will retired from now facepalm
  2. Awsome dark elf ... I wanna ask dark elf where side mc/elf or both or neutral XD
  3. Yup all device smoothly for this game but defending where ur play this game...if u play at mountain maybe u get a problem hard to find connection :) XD "slow connection at arena or ravva" noooo... :(
  4. Yeaaaa i cant wait for this update...guild war great and the price is castle super greaaat.
  5. Deviruchi


    Yea im Agree with ur idea :) hope gm read this topic and do next step.
  6. Edited from paint or any application software...
  7. CONGRATULATION Team...!!! I wish next warspear more better and growth more biggerrr. :D My english bad :P
  8. nah i have alot bestfriend in warspear, but i never tell my private acc to them."just remember everybody changing like a song" :)
  9. Unlimited quest in ravva like 5 month ago :)
  10. Yahoooooo v3.5.0 :* if in this game have castle and do castle war the winner take position like game online "ragnarok online" guild war :*
  11. Maybe other ppl will say thats ur fault, why? Because u share ur account to strangers. Nb : never ever share ur private account to ur best friend or stranger. :) makanya gan jangan gampang percaya sama tawaran ato tuker id itu semua modus penipuan,cuma mengingatkan karna banyak yg sudah menjadi korban. "intinya sih jangan pernah kasih tau akun lu, gitu aja kok repot"
  12. Deviruchi

    new pic !!!

    Very cool :) but guild not yet ready in game :(
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