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  1. I used to be able to heal 271 with my druid but now i can go max 217 :'( bullshit
  2. Today i completed few of dem offers to get def rune but i got none :(
  3. U faygets are missing my point, this thread is not for posting ur cl tactic but to complain of lazy ass mcs who couldnt give a single duck for my cl, giving me some gay ass excuses just to not have to do a shit :) :rofl:
  4. Where the hell am i gonna find fools caps? :search: this topic is waste of space :'( bcuz dicks like malehsaman come here and post shit bcuz having nothing real to say :unknw:
  5. Other way past elf or mc caravan for chainless would be great bcuz the noobs blocking the stairs / cross 24/7, giving shaman a tiny tiny chance of passing caravan >:D
  6. Devs really should add guild tournament instead of awful warlock spamming rape arena :sorry: its really not worth doing arena when u never win, and making impossible to get more than 100 ap a day :'( it easily takes me month or maybe more to get new dagger :cray:
  7. What is the difference between heal lvl 5 and lvl 1?
  8. Id be happy to get another garnet for 10k, paid 15k for first, not easy get 30k for rings with daily quests :cray: pm ninjaheal if want to sell for a decent price :drinks:
  9. Once again, im here to whine about the expensive prices on us sapphire elf side. Why do ppl ask 15-20k from a garnet ring while on other servers its like 5k, all the orices are like 3 times more expensive than any other server :clapping: why? :shout:
  10. Hell yea im done with lake all thanks to nessah and icekiller O:-) :drinks:
  11. even is she were asian u think u are any better than she? Go duck urself ignorant fool.
  12. imaninja

    Miss Me?

    Trust me >:D always trust me ;D ur allmighty overlord O:-)
  13. Yea no time to sleep :clapping: but a man gotta eat :lol: and eat and eat and eat :rofl:
  14. * eat * annoy my bro * play cod * play ws *play mhfu * play btd5 * eat * draw * eat * eat
  15. i have been lucky, today got shit runes, yesterday the same, and the day before and so on for a month, on day i got super lucky and got silvered ring :shok: like winning in the lottery every day :yahoo:
  16. I lied :rofl: my other gladius +6 but i forgot to take screenshot O:-)
  17. One week daily quests for these O:-)
  18. Guit whining bout rich players, do any class u want, do a few daily quests, buy some signs and amo ur shit to +6, easy as hell and u spent 000 mcoins. :clapping: tho its hard for some fatass crybabies who r too lazy to do so :spiteful: ( just how i amp my shit ) ;D
  19. YES ps. how to screenies with nokia n97 :facepalm:
  20. buy this for 42k (maybe more if i get some gold), post reply here, or pm me in game, ninjaheal, eu-mc side
  21. lol he was selling it for 70k :facepalm:
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