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  1. You are cute :give_rose: I like cute girls ;D I love whatever I like :drinks:
  2. invoked1

    Miss Me?

    Lordhunter is a good friend to me. He is 24, I do not keep friends who don't deserve the word friend :facepalm:
  3. So you want the best of all and not graphics, Come on play minecraft, you will have to pay life for it. And standing still leads nowhere but to a dust on windy shore. Some improvements is must. And plz dont argue about graphics, video gaming priority is graphics first. You can play pokemon , if you dont tally with me. And you told me to leave, I left already since 3 weeks. Though skyrim is beta,, as long as I am on PC that's my life. I have a small guild but no one dares to sneak and touch. We all have daedric weapons and draganbone armour with legendary enchants. We are immortals. I have a nightingle bow, and gears and skill set up on bows. My sneak attack does around 1500 dmg on critical, enought to kill anything on skyrim
  4. moBILE is not mobile anymore, check out Xperia Z, I bet it can beat your PC or laptop now, Sure :diablo: And it is a PC game too :facepalm:
  5. I play warspear on my PC and Lumnia, My friends sometime check in, "Wtf are you playing " Give me you GeForce GTX 670 :lol: :facepalm: See ya at Dark Brotherwood they say, they drag me to to Black Ops and skyrim. All they criticize is graphics of this game. Now even most cell phones comes with 2.0 GHZ CPU and 1-2 GB ram , 512MB-1GB GPU, so 3.5 must be extreme in graphics too. :drinks:
  6. invoked1

    Miss Me?

    I can trust everyone, no matter what, I can recover my account.. and i can recover their account as mine who dream to think to cheat me 8)
  7. :lol: you are saucy , but I can lead "Dread and fugitive mind-megadeath, and of symphony of destruction too" get it , it's awesome :P :drinks:
  8. Admit it pvprange my lvl18 BD can easily take you down, I hit twice and half when you hit only once. And mob's dodge you means, you can barely hit me , wait for me to be lvl 19 8)
  9. I post albums, hope you dont mind.
  10. Umm can you tell me the pages of beautiful girls :blush:
  11. invoked1

    Miss Me?

    You have mentioned quote from kismitch, Is it necessary? I have about 15-25 quotes and posts from r0nald ;D , may be I should mention it too ::) But no :lol: I can programme better than him after completion of my course ;D
  12. invoked1

    Miss Me?

    Midge you were the first friend I came to know in this game, and the one to guide me how to play :give_rose: miss you, and let me know who wants to hug me :blush: , umm, I have given my all chars to BD "Lordhunter", He asked for it ;D . I will be back after some months, I guess. :drinks:
  13. invoked1

    Miss Me?

    You must be noob or newbie or kid or an asshole.
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