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  1. :sorry: OK i got back to this game but sadly POPPYOW scam mee,, and now his using Zhuxanics us-sapphire.. please devs help me to permanent ban him, i dont want to give all my item back to me just want to permanent ban him so he cant keep scamming others... im now leaving cos he left all zero to me old enchant items, golds, miracle items etc. :sorry: i hope you listen to me and help me thanks --midgee
  2. midgeedoo


    what again ? :shok: well tell me that words again, in my face when me get online soon :blush:
  3. midgeedoo

    Any tips?

    Hi, im starting to play priest. Could you guys share some early game tips, items and skill builds? he asking for new early tips not for lvl20.you re-tips bro :blush:
  4. midgeedoo


    yeaah me and jenny have personal problem. maybe not only regular online but we thinking if we leave warspear too, yeaah high chance to leave warspear
  5. no problem and i dont care , do what you want almost all player here in ws know your attitude. ;D only weak mind you can feared off. :good: yeah gabraunth . #1doom #2arena weap #3 abyss for me :blush:
  6. noo noo LUVIS thats not i mean.. iknow things about crystal and about runes :blush: okaay. look at this you see? arena gears auto have resilence but not arena gears not resi instead its penetration. and one more thing i always go pvp :blush: but if your a good player you dont need to receive and accept all rangers or other class attack think about that. so thats why i dont recomend to much resilence hehe. AND ONE MORE THINGS mister swazz all that i remember is your your the first gank. you gank me you gank low lvl compair to you, you gank and gank. you always like that then when i fight back to you,then you tell me im ganking? everytime i saw you in cave i attack you cos thats what you doin then you call its gank? noo :facepalm: its revenge for me . i have 4 videos showing you come pvpcave pump blessings and kill innocent 1 by 1 hahah have a good day ser :wacko: :bomb:
  7. ultimate facepalm :facepalm: :rofl: ---> instagram :wacko:
  8. :lol: dont be like that, dont forget i know how to punch :dirol: :spiteful:
  9. nothing change even in webcam 8) haha peaaace joke :lol: :lol:
  10. this topic is for us girl not for amiga haha :lol:
  11. use mixed gears? if you think your resilience is enough why you will put more resilience? better you put other stats like penetration instead of resi, arena lvl17 belt with resilence enchant is enough in my opinion,(if have bg set or lvl18 gears) and other focus defence or dodge, resi bad in mobs :blush: so for me 5%-10% resilence is enough.
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