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Found 19 results

  1. O efeito só dura 6s e aumenta pouco dmg base do ladino msm 5/5 sabendo que todas as classes do jogo tem dmg base aumentado infinitamente.sugiro estender o tempo que o efeito de dano do véu sombrio dura
  2. This has happened now quite some times that when you win 1st stage of mermen and proceed to go attack pylon , I notice that sometimes I don't have max speed so it means that my grotto buff are not working. Of course I checked if I had my skill active ( seeker speed skill ) and the correct build and it was indeed all correct. Right after finishing 2nd stage, when I get tped out my grotto buffs start working again. Is there a way you guys can have a look and try to fix this bug ?
  3. Olá, venho dar uma ideia sobre rework para a habilidade profissional da classe Cavaleiro da morte. A habilidade em si consiste em diminuição de 20% de dano por apenas 6 segundos, que é um valor alto, mas com tempo ativo muito pequeno, gostaria de sugerir que trocassem esse efeito para outro que venho em mente, em que o cavaleiro retira uma parte da sua vida para curar um aliado, diminuir ou dar um escudo ao mesmo que reduza o dano que o aliado receba por um período. Sendo mais lógico, um cavaleiro da morte que possuir 10k de pontos de vida, irá consumir 2k de pontos de vida para envolver um aliado ou até em si mesmo um escudo que reduzirá uma quantidade determinada de dano e recuperando periodicamente uma porcentagem da vida do aliado, que será aumentada conforme o nível da habilidade, e os pontos de dano mágico do cavaleiro.
  4. HEY Y'ALL!👋 Among most of Warlock players it is common to hear the same complain about the Stone Body expert skill once in the most scenarios it will just delay certain death. Even we know that defensive power is not the main role of this class the purpose of this topic is to discuss possibilities of adjustments and improvements to this skill as far as possible. Below, the current state of the skill: Stone Body: Applies the Stone Body buff for a limited period. The character can't be attacked but he is also immobilized and can't use skills. Character also restores some extra health. Next, the latest changes in the skill(8.4.2 Release): Now after using the skill it can be cancelled during its effect. The skill now restores health every 2 seconds of its duration amounting to 2-3-4-5% from maximum health amount. The skill itself has been improved a lot with these latest changes BUT the main problem remains, in the most scenarios in the game it just delays certain death. Considering the PvE content, it's of no use. Going to the PvP content: Arena : Once you use Stone Body you're a dead weight and -1 in your party ,but at least you'll restore a decent amount of health, right? WRONG! Besides that to recover a decent amount of HP the skill needs to be amplified, and that using it already leaves your party at a disadvantage, the Warlock becomes an extremely easy and predictable target on which opponents will be spamming their click with some control skill or massive damage(R.I.P). GvG and War: There's not much to say here, the Warlock provides a lot of group control in the area and it is very useful in these battles. But just for the record, if he has to use Stone Body, the result when leaving the buff is the same as the other 99% of the time: DEPLETED! Now, let's discuss what could change in the skill if the devs agree that there is a need: In the 9.3 Update Preview we can see that the incoming damage reduction is, to some extent, in the range of possibilities of the developers for Warlock, in the additional effect of Dark Seal. Dark Seal: Moved the effect of bonus health restoration by "Life Exhaust" moved to the "Grimoire" skill. Additionally reduces the damage the target deals to the warlock by 10-15-20-25% if it is under the silence effect of the "Hex" skill. Considering that the path the game is taking is not directed to 1x1, this INCOMING DAMAGE REDUCTION would fit perfectly as a post Stone Body effect, with duration and percentage of damage reduction increasing according to the skill level. This incoming damage reduction could be applied to any damage from opponents within a specific area of effect. Anyway, the new description and functionality of the skill would look something like this: Stone Body: Applies the Stone Body buff for a limited period. The character can't be attacked but he is also immobilized and can't use skills. Character also restores some extra health.After using the skill it can be cancelled during its effect. After Stone Body buff effect fades, the incoming damage caused to Warlock from targets within (certain area) is reduced by (certain percentage) for (certain seconds). In my opinion this would be the easiest improvement in the skill providing more survivability to the warlock and not changing too much the skill mechanics. I have other ideas, such as a Push effect to solve the frustating spamming(mainly from melee classes) waiting to the end of Stone Body buff, similar to the Templar Reverse Flow or a 3x3 blocks 1 sec Silence to players around the Warlock. BUT, honestly i don't know if it would be fair(and that's what I'm looking for for the game). There is an ideia to make Stone Body more similar to Mantra of Healing giving mobility too but I'm almost sure I read it in another Topic. For now that's it, I appreciate the attention and share your ideas!
  5. I have made separated post to discuss ethereal barrier current status, I am not well experienced in PvP so I will exclude it and talk only about PvE (excluding T5 or ST because I live on the Surfaces). Ok let's start with the discrepition, let's take it on 4/4 (max potential) "Uppon receiving damage more than 10% of maximum Health, in 2s the character receives a definitive barrier. The barrier absorbs 100% of damage received in 0.6s. The barrier removed upon receiving damage or after 10s. Can't trigger more often than once every 4sec". I saw russian forum and it's 0.55s duration for barrier (I wouldn't complain about 0.05s) This 0.6s absorb any kind of damage, usually it's 1 hit absorption. So, as you know Sun armor increase defense of mage by 50% permanently even with 0 CD build Max physical defense I have seen pve mage with: 10K physical defense (including guild buff, wearing +10 green def enchantments). And 10k def = 30% pure solidity (no gear bounce). guild buff is +6% + 1 solidity rune it will become 40% solidity (Max solidity is 50%). Congratulations mage you have achieved 80% of the max possible solidity in game. But guess what, this 40% solidity will defect Eth barrier Job since no more critical hits to u😉, even if mage get crit it will be (200% crit - 40% of it = 120% for crit hit, I am sure about the calculation) *max solidity applying: 200% crit - 50% = 100% (normal dmg)* That's why max solidity is 50% other wise crit will be lower damag lol 10k is around 55% def, so mage so solid now, recieving 10% of HP in 2s not gonna happen easy. Average pve mage Hp is in range 4 -> 4.5K Hp, 10% of it is 400 -> 450. My Hp is 5k and eth barrier is 3/4, trust me it never works lol, I see it once in every 1 or 2 Dozens of hits. So if you use sun armor this will defect your eth barrier. 1/4 eth barrier have you from determined death like a quester getting bullied by rouge, giving you a second chance to do something. Old ethereal barrier even on 1/4 used to avoid 1 hit every 6 hits i guess (compare it to current one that's never works). So, those are some recommendations for ethereal barrier buff sorted from pro to not suitable solution:- 1\ reduce the requirement for the ethereal barrier, same % of HP in higher duration 4 -> 6 secs. 2\ lower the requirement for eth barrier to work ( lower % of Hp) about 6% or 7% on 4/4 (for example). 3\ since Sun armor and more def you get defect eth barrier, it have to count the damage received naked *before def reduction*. Those solutions will not effect pvp side a lot but will make it better pve. Other solutions like last longer than 0.6s isn't a solution because it doesn't work in first place. I didn't touch the 4s CD for barrier because it will be more powerful PvP and still not work PvE. +1/4 have to work somehow. I tried as much as possible to keep it make sense buff. Thanks for your time.
  6. Hi it's me Zora the mage from Us-saphire First time for me to type on forum. They says mage is so hard to kill but that's +10 mage greatness, I not their yet so I have no idea if it's true or not, I just see myself die in 3 secs for even weaker spell caster than me, so here are some recommendations for buffs. First ennoblement: on 4/4 it give 5sec immunity from controls and remove applied debuffs ....not 6 secs as skill description say because casting takes 1sec + this skill can't be used if you already under stun, fear or silence. I recommend for you allow mage to use it under controls to break them out, if we want to rate this skill I will say it's for GVG only, it's quite decent because it saves from probably +5 control effects in wars. In pve only takes 1 control because of long CD, in pvp no one will waste his skills on you if they notice your ennoblement. Second skill is aura of fire, this skill lack some damage, how about side effect from skill making the skill case (On fire!) Debuff or Burning with chace qual to critital hit chance of the character, 100% chance is much but will be cool. I know this skill have been nerfed long time ago. +another idea Adding effect for skill like charging or detecting for nearby enemies so it will make Explosion or deal damage on first touch not just randomly (3secs delay). Ok 3rd and last skill I will talk about is Ethereal Barrier: well it's a cool skill but can be better, it's anti-brust skill, but on 1/4 it never work I guess unless you fighting something that can kill you in 3 or 4 hits, in this case you will Lose the fight anyway with the barrier or without it, so this skill isn't valid 1/4 you most make it 4/4 to get benefit of it, I recommend 2 things to make it better , first lower the requirement for 1/4 to be activated so it will be useful, second lower the requirement for level 4/4, like making it if you receive damage in 3, 4 or 6 seconds so it will work more often, old Ethereal barrier was so good, this one is good too but if it's just work more often or maybe last long, mage is semi-melee class with a staff so have to be more solid don't you think so! I have notice that's fireball have description that's not applied, it have to deal extra damage for target that effected by blazing ground, I checked, it don't apply Thanks for your time😁
  7. mudança da mecânica da skill: "Marcado pelo sol" observação: pelo que observei templario tank melhor sendo híbrido por conta da agressão que dar cura baseada no dano magico do personagem sobre a habilidade estigma onde o personagem usa a skill e causa um efeito de: "agressão" em área e cura com o atack automático do personagem que a utilizou, mas como é uma classe que ajuda a pt segundo a skill de "ensinamentos de harard" que cura o membro do grupo com menos hp de acordo com o dano mágico percebi que templario mágico é suporte. E agressão da cura para o templário mas mas o dmg da PT pode acabar atrapalhando a cura do templário pela agressão. Sugestão: sugiro que o efeito estigma não seja tirado pelos membros do grupo. Que o efeito de cura seja ativado somente por atack automatico e de skill do templario. Que a cura do efeito estigma seja redirecionada ao templario e a o membro com menos HP do grupo assim como habilidade ensinamentos de Harard. mudança da mecânica da skill: "mantra" essa skill é uma cura que o personagem que a usar ou a que for aplicado fica impossibilitado de atacar e de ser atacado e o personagem que for aplicado essa habilidade sofre uma redução de velocidade de movimento e tem o hp restaurado em uma certa %. observação: skill de cura, serve para se ajudar e ajudar aos membros do grupo, mas em um grupo onde o tank precisa ser curado o mantra acaba que atrapalhando o tank do grupo pois os mobs que o tank agrou vão para outro personagem do grupo pois o tank sob o efeito do mantra não pode ser atacado e assim pode matar a pt e dificultar a presença de templario como suporte em grupos. Sugestão: sugiro que o mantra continue impossibilitando o personagem em que a skill foi aplicada de atacar, mas que não impossibilite o adversário de atacar o personagem sob o efeito do mantra e que o personagem sob o efeito do mantra continue sem receber dano assim quando o tank receber a cura do da skill "mantra" ele não perdera a agressão e continuará a ser curado pelo mantra e não receberá dano. mudança da mecânica da skill: "toque da verdade" essa skill aplica um efeito de supressão ao redor do personagem que se expande em certos segundos(dependendo do nivel da skill a área de supressão se expande em menos tempo) depois que atingir o tamanho máximo a área desaparece e bloqueia o uso de skill de todos os inimigos que estavam dentro dela. observação: sendo uma skill que ativa abaixo do personagem isso é uma desvantagem para quem usa cajado pois precisa chegar perto do adversário para usar a skill e de cajado é bem arriscado usar essa skill de perto alcance. Sugestão: como forma de melhorar a experiência de templarios de cajado no pvp sugiro que essa habilidade possa ser usada a distancia também em um alcance de uso de 5 metros, semelhante ao fluxo reverso, assim não torna o templário de cajado mais propício a completar combos sem quebra de mecânica da própria especialidade que é se aproximar do inimigo sendo longo alcance.
  8. Mudanças nas habilidades do bruxo Primeiramente vamos para a mais necessitada: o pétreo Uma habilidade que petrifica o usuário o impossibilitando de usar qualquer outra habilidade além de não permitir que se mova, o deixando intocável e regenerando um pouco do seu hp a cada segundo. Como melhorar? 1 - permitindo o movimento ( como a habilidade do templário ) Porém para não ser julgado como cópia tenho umas ideias originais e que fazem sentido. 2 - ao sumir ou ser desativada a pedra "desmorona" dando um certo dano e uma chance de atordoar inimigos a 1 metro do bruxo. 3 - ao sumir ou ser desativada o bruxo recebe o buff "mente endurecida" onde aumenta seus parâmetros de resistência a efeitos de controle OU limpa o bruxo de efeitos negativos. 4 - a habilidade ao ser usada funcionaria como um totem que daria dano compartilhado entre os inimigos. OU diminuiria parâmetros de resistência e recarga de energia. Agora uma habilidade um pouco deixada de lado nas atualizações: o charco. Mudança necessaria , principalmente por conta do "bug de tela" 1 - O bruxo é deixado um pouco de lado se tratando de dano PVE, nesse caso para igualar um pouco essa diferença, mudaria o charco para ser uma habilidade usável no personagem assim como em aliados ( como o escudo venenoso do necro ) E pra finalizar, O Relaxamento. 1 - o único buff de parâmetro que o bruxo recebe é os 10% de crítico e 25% de aumento no dano mágico, porém o bruxo sofre para ter bons parâmetros sempre dependendo de guildas ou pior, livros de parâmetros. Então uma sugestão é dividir esses 10% em 5%/5% e por um aumento de outro parâmetro como 5% crítico e 5% precisão, ou penetração, algo assim. Agradeço desde já e aceito críticas construtivas..
  9. Hello everyone, I'm here will suggest new rogue's skill to give him more SURVIVABILITY with the detail: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rogue blink to any specified direction within 4 yards. After rogue blink, he will stealth and leave the copy of him in the first place rogue use this skill. (The copy attack the enemy near him with auto attack only). If the player click the skill button for one more time (before the stealth is over), rogue back to his copy and stun & dealing damage near him. After successfully stun any enemy, rogue will immune from any CC and he can use stealth skill. Detail of skill develops: Stealth Duration & Copy Duration--> 3s/4s/5s/6s. Stun Duration --> 0.5s/1s/1.5s/2s. Immune from CC Duration --> 2s/2s/3s/4s. Stun Damage --> 30%/40%/50%/60% from the player's base damage. Copy of Him will have --> 15%/20%/25%/30% from the player's stats (health, defence, damage) So in this case this skill can be used twice before the stealth duration is over. -------- Inspired from Hayabusa & Kagura -------- OK this is only my suggestion, feel free to critics and feedback. I hope devs dan rogues player will interested with this skill suggestion. Cheers..
  10. Hi there, I wanted to discuss today about necro their ranges on skills. I have a feeling necro's lack on PVP since the introducing of resist. I played priest and necro, but I have a strong feeling that the shield from priest is way stronger at 5/5 then necro his shield? is this something that could be looked upon? I noticed that in most of the fights vs these healing class that it is mostly one sided because of their longer range. There are also other classes like warlock who has a 4 yard fear I dont know if u can put the relic on it. My suggestion would be to make necro their range also 5 yards or maybe rework the nightmare sleep into a stun and keep it 4 yards? Necro: Nightmares - 4 yards Necro: Ancient seal (heal) - 4 yards Necro: Boneshield - 4 yard Priest: Exhuasting burden- 5 yards Priest: Armstice - 5 yard Druid: healing dew - 5 yards Druid: entangling roots - 5 yards Shaman: Blind - 5 yards Healing spirit - 5 yards Barb and charmer both have 5 yard stun with relic 7 yards. btw, BD 16 secs resist and still killing my necro on 56% resi with 1400dmg+ ... Regards, Mistake
  11. OLÁ A TODOS!👋 Entre a maioria dos jogadores de Bruxo é comum ouvir a mesma reclamação sobre a habilidade especialista Corpo Pétreo uma vez que, na maioria dos cenários, ela só adia a morte certa. Mesmo sabendo que poder defensivo não é a principal característica dessa classe o propósito desse tópico é discutir possibilidades de ajustes e melhorias pra essa habilidade na medida do possível. Corpo Pétreo: Aplica o bônus Corpo Pétreo por um tempo definido. O personagem não pode ser atacado, mas também é imobilizado e não pode usar habilidades. O personagem recupera um pouco de vida. A seguir, as últimas mudanças na habilidade(Versão 8.4.2): Agora após utilizar a habilidade ela pode ser cancelada durante seu efeito. A habilidade agora recupera vida a cada 2 segundos de sua duração totalizando 2-3-4-5% da vida máxima. A habilidade por si só melhorou muito nas últimas mudanças MAS o principal problema continua, na maioria dos cenários ela só adia a morte certa. Considerando o conteúdo PvE, é praticamente inútil. Indo para o PvP do jogo: Arena: Uma vez que você usa o Corpo Pétreo você se torna um peso morto e -1 no grupo, mas pelo menos você vai restaurar uma quantia decente de vida, correto? ERRADO! Além do que para recuperar uma quantia decente de HP a habilidade precisa estar amplificada, e que usá-la já deixa seu grupo em desvantagem, o Bruxo se torna um alvo extremamente fácil e previsível no qual os adversários vão "spammar" seus cliques com alguma habilidade de controle ou dano massivo(R.I.P). GvG e Guerra: Não há muito pra dizer aqui, o Bruxo provê muito controle de grupo em área e é muito útil nessas batalhas. Mas só pra registrar, se ele tiver que usar o Corpo Pétreo, o resultado quando o bônus acabar será o mesmo que nas outras 99% das vezes: PULVERIZADO! Agora, vamos discutir o que poderia mudar na habilidade caso os desenvolvedores aceitem que há essa necessidade: Na prévia da Atualização 9.3 podemos ver que a redução de dano recebido está, até certo ponto, no leque de possibilidades dos desenvolvedores para o Bruxo, no efeito adicional do Selo Negro. Selo Negro: O efeito bônus de regeneração de saúde durante a habilidade Drenar Vida foi movido para a habilidade Grimório. Além disso, reduz o dano causado pelo alvo ao feiticeiro em 10-15-20-25% se ele for silenciado pela habilidade Mandinga. Considerando que o caminho que o jogo está tomando não é direcionado para o 1x1, esta REDUÇÃO DE DANO RECEBIDO se encaixaria perfeitamente como um efeito posterior ao bônus Corpo Pétreo, com duração e porcentagem de redução de dano aumentando de acordo com o nível da habilidade. Esta redução de dano recebido poderia ser aplicada a qualquer dano recebido dentro de uma área de efeito específica. De qualquer maneira, a nova descrição e funcionalidade da habilidade se pareceria com algo assim: Corpo Pétreo: Aplica o bônus Corpo Pétreo por um tempo definido. O personagem não pode ser atacado, mas também é imobilizado e não pode usar habilidades. O personagem recupera um pouco de vida. Após seu uso, a habilidade pode ser cancelada durante seu efeito. Após o efeito do bônus Corpo Pétreo desaparecer, o dano recebido causado ao Bruxo por jogadores ou monstros dentro de(certa área) é reduzido por ( certa porcentagem) por ( certo tempo). Em minha opinião essa seria a melhoria mais fácil dando mais sobrevivência ao Bruxo sem mudar muito as mecânicas da habilidade. Eu tenho outras ideias, como um efeito de Empurrão para resolver o "spamming" frustrante(principalmente de classes corpo-a-corpo) esperando o efeito do Corpo Pétreo acabar, como o Fluxo Reverso do Templário ou um Silenciar por 1 segundo de 3x3 blocos para jogadores em volta do Bruxo. MAS, honestamente eu não tenho certeza de que seria justo(e é isso que eu quero para o jogo). Há uma ideia de fazer o Corpo Pétreo mais parecido com o Mantra de Cura dando mobilidade também mas tenho quase certeza que li isso em outro tópico. Por enquanto é isso, agradeço sua atenção e compartilhe suas ideias! @Akasha ou @Nolan perdoe-me mas não sei se esse tópico deve ser postado aqui ou dentro da discussão de classes, caso puder mover se aqui não for adequado agradeço!👍
  12. the bone shield needs to be modified if you don’t know how I’m going to give you an idea you can do it like that it can be used without corpses it would look like it is now and if it had it would be more resistant by the amount of corpses the logic of it and that the shield and of bones so he needs bones to get stronger in the case of the new skills the necro needs the corpse explosion skill that same damage in aerial by the amount of corpses in the place and free of the corpses disadvantage corpses destroyed with this skill cannot be used in others and the necromancer needs other skills related to the creation of the living dead we will vary put a fastama a vampire a death knights necro needs this if one of the focuses of the clasess bone tote is excellent are based on that thanks for the anticipation. but seriously, the bone shield is not holding up until normal mob or you put it on for a while or do as I said please, so the necro's shield is not bad I know that there are other classes with a similar situation like the paladin who does not use shield in itself without an ally or the sacedoter who has a weak shield too but the focus of that topic is the necro
  13. ---Alterar habilidade frenesi --- A classe ladino caiu muito frequentemente na questão de Pve,Aí vai minha sugestão de alterar o esquema da habilidade de " frenesi " que não se destaca nada em PvE e ainda mais em PvP, Minha sugestão é aumentar o tempo da " frenesi " que no máximo é 10 segundos 4/4,Para 18 segundos ou colocar com consumir mana constantemente. Quem joga com a classe sabe a dificuldade que passa nas masmorras ainda mas por ser corpo-a-corpo. Precisa urgentemente de um aumento. Uma classe com dano fixado não parece tanto assim... Agradeço 😉
  14. Increases the Charmer's Wolf base defense or add a bonus defense based on magical damage, so staff Charmers can still use it as a functional tank pet. It would be useful even in high levels, because in Ayvondill maps, the Wolf dies very easily.
  15. Here are some ideas to improve the Charmer an charmer's Call (ignoring some "Summoner Skill" effects): 1: Buff. 1.1: Increase his physical damage. If the player has 100 physical damage, make the wolf do 150. If the player has 500, make the wolf do 750. 1.2: Increase his attack speed. Let's say the wolf's current attack speed is 3.0, it could decrease to 2.0. 1.3: Increase his defense and/or life per player level. If you are a healer/magical damage healer, the dog is useless. With this buff, it makes it more tanky. 2: Rework. 2.1: Wolf Rework: Focusing on Your Target. This skill needed it from the start. Even if they added this to the "Summoner Skill", it was necessary in the Call itself. 2.2: Prism Rework: Commander Give it the same effect as the "Summoner Skill" of controlling the wolf. 2.3: Crow Rework: Heal and Attack A very simple rework. When you cast the crow in the wolf, make it attacks and heal. 2.4: Equipment Rework: Spears and Two-handed Maces. Spears and 2h maces are weapons with high physical damage and a little magical damage. It can help the wolf and the passive's damage and still can heal, do magical damage, etc.
  16. (I didn't do it by race because the maximum number of questions is 3) If you checked "Other", please say which class you would like to be added
  17. Bem, eu estava pensando ultimamente o porque do jogo não ter um contador de tempo para os buffs e debuffs que o jogador e os membros do grupo possuem... é algo muito útil para a organização de batalhas mas mesmo assim não existe. atualmente o símbolo do buff ou debuff fica brilhando quando falta alguns segundos para acabar, mas isso não é o suficiente... um contador embaixo do símbolo seria o suficiente para resolver isso, aproveitando o tópico os buffs e debuffs também deveriam aparecer embaixo do nome de cada membro de um grupo, isso facilitaria o trabalho do curandeiro e melhoraria o trabalho em equipe.
  18. The rogue has a long history in the game of Warspear. From being a pain to deal with before expert skills, to having stacking 100% dodge with absolute reflexes. Yet as the time passed rogue started feeling weaker and weaker. Now it reached the point where rogue is one of the worst playable characters in the entire game along with barbarian. To be honest it's nearly unplayable. Aspecially after the introduction of the new classes. Seeker took over the throne of stealth assasins and rogue was left in the dirt. The game itself is shifting more and more to elf favour, but I'll not get into wider topics. Rogue's gameplay is split into 2 ways: PvP and PvE. Some classes are better at PvP, others better at PvE, but for some reason rogue is chosen to be bad at both. Firstly let's talk about PvP. A PvP rogue is a high risk high reward class with a big skill cap that is supposed to sneak in, deal a massive ammount of damage (not always kill) and sneak out to reset cooldowns and do the same again. With that in mind, rogue is supposed to have low survivability, so if he fails to sneak in or fails to combo his damage, he would get caught by crowd control and dealt with. Yet this concept is poorly put into live action with the mechanics of this game. Rogue lacks burst damage to have a moderate impact to PvP fights. That forces rogue players to focus more on attack speed, which throws away the concept of an assasin and makes rogue feel more like a bruiser or a ranged damage class. Yet a rogue can't be a bruiser because of his low survivability and the class doesn't have range. Stacking dodge chance is the only way to make rogues feel like they are somewhat useful, but in reality it's totaly up to RNG if you survive and even if a rogue survives he still doesn't have enough damage to have any impact. On top of that the rogue feels slow, when you hit from stealth, first it reveals the rogue, then hits. Outside from stealth, a rogue has no other mobility spell to reposition and try to fix mistakes if failed. That makes him an easy target, before he can do anything and as a high skill class a rogue is way too easy to counter. Most of the classes (even full tanks) have much more dps than a rogue and on top of that they are tanky. That should not be a thing. And even if that is a thing, rogue has nothing in his kit to play around those factors. Other dps classes have one or several ways to counter rogue and rogue doesn't have anything to do against that. With all this in mind, rogue class is thrown away from PvP arenas or wars because there are other classes that can do the same as the rogue, but stronger, better and safer. The only thing a rogue is left to do is play as a PvE character. Yet in this enviroment he still lacks everything. As a PvE rogue you are supposed to deal the most damage to monsters while the tank takes all the damage and a healer takes care of the tank. Yet rogue has much lower dps than other damage dealing classes like hunter, ranger, seeker or warlock. Even a well amped tank or a healer can do more damage than a rogue. While boss fighting rogue also has no range and is vurnerable to Area of Effect spells. So the only idea that comes to a player's mind while playing PvE is "Why should I play rogue when other classes do the same, but better?". A rogue is left as a "fill" character to classes that can't find a good damage dealer fast enough or need an extra person for no reason. So rogue is left as a character that is just there in the game, unable to have any impact and all rogue players do are complain about how bad everything is about the class. Probably the most important aspect of a rogue is his skill set and it is disguistingly bad. All the base skills are moderate besides kick in the back, but the expert skills are just stupid. Elusive jump is a gap closing skill with some extra damage to it. 2 things about this skill are very bad. First is the bug that has been there since the appearance of the jump. It's the bug where if you use elusive jump while standing next to an enemy it will throw you 1 to 3 blocks away from the target and you have to walk all the way back. The second thing is the jump's combo with poison blade. If the description is right you have to hit the enemy with poison blades to make him bleed over time, then you need to use elusive jump to deal extra damage. That's completly defeats the whole purpose of elusive jump. If you hit an enemy with poison blades it means you are already next to him and elusive jump is useless as a gap closing skill. On top of that the bug described before takes away a massive ammount of dps while you walk back to the enemy. So in the end the combo is worthless and does nothing, besides losing the purpose of the kit. The two dagger throwing skills are litterally the 2 worst skills in the entire game. The daggers cost gold, they do absolutely no damage and they have no effects applied to them. It's better just to auto attack instead of using the daggers, the dps is just better. Absolute reflexes can't be comboed with your kit in any way and it is totaly up to RNG if the skill will work and it doesn't add up enough dodge to be useful when used in the RNG way. All the other skills just add a little attack speed or damage to the rogue, that can barely be felt and has low impact to the kit. There are many more problems with the class, but the ones described make the biggest impact. The rogue can be fixed with just a few changes. The first to change about the rogues kit is to make him feel more like an assasin. A possible thing to do is to give the rogue a unique passive where he doesn't have the 40% damage decrease from dual wielding, or rogue only has like a 20% decrease. That would impact the damage of his whole kit and make him a more moderate damage dealer. Kick in the back should have lower active time, but could make the enemy have 0% acuraccy (including skills) so you could activate absolute reflexes in a controled way. On top of the dodge, absolute relfexes could give you a buff which if hit by a crowd control ability, would remove the dodge buff, but instantly cleanses the crowd control. Elusive jump should get that bug fixed and get a better combo with poison, for example, if you have poison blade buff active on you, elusive jump deals extra damage equal to one tick of poison damage and the poison would be increased by one tick if activated through elusive jumping. The new skill frenzy is ok, but could also give extra movement speed while active, so if caught, you would die faster, but if not caught, you could reposition easier. Stealth should get more extra damage and firstly hit, then reveal the character. Dagger skills should be completly changed (I feel like my ideas for the rework are too overpowered). Sinister strike should stun for a very short ammount of time (just enough to land an extra skill) or decrease the armour of the enemy and the rogue to 0 for the next attack (debuff works for some seconds or until hit, also having frenzy and this debuff on would cause you to take increased damage, applied along with the armour debuff). Also do not let rogue use mercelines strike from stealth (to avoid too much damage), but slightly increase the damage too. The attack speed would nicely combo with everything. Also rogue should get some sort of a stealth reset mechanic, if done correctly he would become invisible again for a short ammount of time. These changes might make rogue feel more like an assasin and a high skill-cap class. Stealth would be the main thing in rogues kit. While fighting enemies rogue would have to choose: instantly kill the enemy or deal high damage to him with the EXACTLY right combo, or try to use the passive and active skills to try to brawl the fight quickly, because of very low survivability. Using elusive jump and poison combo from stealth and gauge in a fast succesion (only possible if you have the expert attack speed skill active) to deal some damage to the enemy and poison him so you can stealth again (gauge passive: get short stealth if gauged a poisoned enemy) and reposition to continue fighting. Using sinister strike from stealth and then merceliness strike to one shot an enemy, yet that puts you into a bad position and you might die quickly if failed to one shot somebody. With all of this rogue would become a useful, high skill cap champion on PvP, that would have to play around stealth and not get revealed, on top of that it would increase rogue's dps for PvE and make the class one of the most fun classes to play.
  19. 1h lvl 26 mace got 288 pdmg. 2h one got 384 pdmg >>> 0.75% But as for magic it's 85 for 175!! >>> 0.49% Wouldn't it be better if it was 0.75% from 2h weap? With the database i calculated that amping 1h magic mace to +8 doesn't give yet more magic power bonus than using magic crystal on it... isn't it ridiculous? Idk how strong charmers using 1h magic maces are. I'll take the example of palas. With 4 expert skills relying on magic dmg+1heal+dot from purifying, i think it's legitimate to consider going for full magic build. The fact is that, as a tanker, u'll need a shield build as well... but physic maces don't suit your build. And magic ones are just so weak... Just saying... what do u think about it? Don't get me worng: I don't mind about the fact they are garbage drops. Other weapons are extremely cheap too cuz there isn't enough people who want them. I mind about the fact that currently magic palas don't have proper weapon to tank. Thank you!
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