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  1. Aigrind,muda o alcance do escudo venenoso do necro que não é uma classe que ataca a curta distância.Aumenta em pelo menos 4 metros,por que é a distância do cuspe venenoso,e pesadelos.Já aproveita e melhora a harmonia das habilidades do necromante: pesadelos que se atacar o inimigo perde o efeito negativo, pânico que precisa estar a pelo menos 2 metros pra funcionar.Não faz sentido dessas habilidades funcionarem somente a curto alcance,a menos que dêem 100% a mais de velocidade de movimento ao necro e redução de dano,porque atualmente tá horrível.
  2. Necromancer needs to be reworked a little bit because the game has changed so much these years and necromancer is the only char feeling outdated in its play style. 1) The skill "Nightmare" is so old school. It doesn’t really works nowadays because it can be canceled with just 1 random dot, and we all know that the Necromancer is all about poison dot, but also on scenarios like arenas where basically everyone can cancel your skill ,it just doesn't make sense to have a “stun“ that can be cancelled by anyone in 99% of cases. Also the skill has a using range of 4 yard despite being cancellable that easy. For example the Druids skill "Entangling roots" has a using range of 5yard+ can't be canceled by damaging the target. I would suggest a good buff on that skill, either remove dot cancels, or like stealth on seeker and rogue, allow the skill for the 2 first seconds of it, to not being cancellable by anything. 2) The skill "Dead soldier" also needs to be reworked. Right now it needs to have corpses for the skill to work which makes the thing way too situational, and even then, it still underperforms comparing to necromancer’s concurrents. •In pve, it isn't really efficient because we move everytime to reach our goal, for example in a dungeon, so it doesn't matter if we use this skill or not because we're going to the next area anyways. Your party will most likely clean the area before your skeleton even get to hit the mobs. •In pvp, > 1vs1 the skill is useless because no corpse=no skeletons. > And in GVG, war or Arena it's also useless because the skeletons are so weak, it just gives the enemy a target to life steal on. 3) The character itself. The necromancer is supposed to be a kind of support. But his supports skills are outdated. •The "Ancient Seal" has a low healing comparing to the amount of damage other classes get nowadays. What I mean is that “Ancien Seal“ is the only really constant heal Necromancers got, “Poison Aura“ healing depends too much on the situations (need to be close range, few ennemies = low healing, many ennemies = healing won’t help you surviving that anyway, etc) and when you compare it to the other healers, there is a gap in that domain. •The "bone shield" is the only defensive skill on a paper character, it's outdated because other characters got a lot of damage throughout the years. It is only "ok" with the talent.
  3. Hello everyone. I have recently started playing warspear again after a while and I have few things to say about recent alliance wars that I want to get off my chest. I haven't seen or read many related topics just because some people are not very interested in browsing or posting on forums. Sad to see but forums is not as active as it used to be in the past. It has already been a month, maybe more since some people have tried reporting necro's acid rain use in alliances wars on forums and there's still no official word or statement by the looks of it. If every aoe skill which dealt damage over a period of time to the flags were removed in the past update then I have no clue why acid rain is still working and dealing damage to the flags. Our legion players well know this fact and are using it to their advantage in wars by sending multiple necros to elf towns while war. And so far, it has been working out well for them as they are winning wars now mostly. Now from the legion's standpoint, they are not doing anything wrong as everyone else even elfs would have done the same. But, I feel like I am obliged to ask questions when I see something is broken and impacting not just only the war outcome but other events like merman gvg as well. Please do care to share your thoughts on the topic. Also attaching a video file of today's alliance war and others are welcome to share their related content. Screen_Recording_20221105_090829_Warspear Online.mp4 Namaste!!
  4. the idea with this rework is to make the necromancer a more dynamic class. and that he be punished less for "Resistence" stats, as well as for "redemption" from priests. also prevent the necromancer from countering himself. Basic skill Poisonous spit CD: 9s > 12s Now always poisons targets. [The idea of this change is to improve the damage dealt by the necro, which is currently very low, as well as ensuring that he has this part of the kit that is poison always available] Mental Pit Replaces "Deadly Eye" skill Reduces damage dealt by enemy by 15-20-25-30-35%. Reduces enemy reload speed by X% Ps: the skill does not reduce the enemy's attack, it reduces the damage dealt by the enemy. [The idea with this change is to give the necro a stronger skill than he has today, mortal eye ends up being an extremely weak skill] Nightmares When the enemy is under the effect of this skill, it becomes immune to periodic damage. Attacks and abilities that deal instant damage still affect the target and take it out of control. [The idea with this change is to ensure that the necro's control is more efficient, and he doesn't have problems with his various periodic damage skills and his stronger control] Expert skills fateful connection Now the effect is applied to the ground. Enemies that remain in the area receive the "Fatal Connection" debuff. This debuff transfers X damage between enemies remaining in the area, and increases damage taken by enemies by X%. [The idea is to strengthen this skill and prevent it from being easily countered by "Redemption", also add some value when using the skill on single target.] Infection Now deals damage, instant and debuffs the enemy for 8s which reduces their health by X%. No longer interacts with the "Fateful Connection" skill. [The idea behind this skill is to improve necro damage as well as grant an additional instant damage skill for the class, which only has one.] mortal eye Replaces "Mental Pit" skill It is now a passive skill. After using 5 skill the necro gains the buff "Deadly Eye", on the next successful basic attack the necromancer reduces the enemy's physical and magic defenses by X% for 10s and roots the target in place for 2-3-4-5s [This change was made to strengthen this skill, which is currently very weak and little used] dead soldier Summons a skeleton to fight by your side for 15-20-25-30s. The skeleton follows the character and inherits the character's offensive and defensive parameters. Using this skill near a corpse increases the damage dealt by the skill by 5%, up to a maximum of 25%. The cooldown of this skill is 30s. Only one skeleton can remain active at a time. [This change was thought to give the necro a worthy summon]
  5. Здравствуйте. Недавно начал играть за некроманта. Что ему нужно прокачивать? Играть в основном планирую пве, но сборка для пвп меня тоже интересует
  6. Hi there, I wanted to discuss today about necro their ranges on skills. I have a feeling necro's lack on PVP since the introducing of resist. I played priest and necro, but I have a strong feeling that the shield from priest is way stronger at 5/5 then necro his shield? is this something that could be looked upon? I noticed that in most of the fights vs these healing class that it is mostly one sided because of their longer range. There are also other classes like warlock who has a 4 yard fear I dont know if u can put the relic on it. My suggestion would be to make necro their range also 5 yards or maybe rework the nightmare sleep into a stun and keep it 4 yards? Necro: Nightmares - 4 yards Necro: Ancient seal (heal) - 4 yards Necro: Boneshield - 4 yard Priest: Exhuasting burden- 5 yards Priest: Armstice - 5 yard Druid: healing dew - 5 yards Druid: entangling roots - 5 yards Shaman: Blind - 5 yards Healing spirit - 5 yards Barb and charmer both have 5 yard stun with relic 7 yards. btw, BD 16 secs resist and still killing my necro on 56% resi with 1400dmg+ ... Regards, Mistake
  7. a suggestion of a new skill for necromancers, which would have a similar function to the redemption of priests. I believe it would be a good addition for necromancers Unholy Protection Over an area of 2m (5x5) removes all negative effects from allies, and adds a buff that increases their physical and magical defenses at 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% for a few seconds.
  8. Good morning Maybe I will start with the fact that when I remember, I played healers, my adventure has been going on for several years (I mean healers, I mean druid, shaman, priest, necromancer) in the game, the variety of characters is large, at the beginning it might seem that the priest is an analogous class to necro, shaman to druid, only the skills differ slightly, initially this is how the similarities begin to blur, and it is known that the greater the variety, the harder it is to balance. Currently, out of these 4 classes, necromancer seems to be the weakest when it comes to pvp and maybe in pve, although its ailment is mainly visible in pvp, lately, thinking about what could be changed, I came up with a few ideas, we do not want to make necromancer a class that will beat everyone, because that would not be good, there should be some counter for each class. I will give my suggestions and try to somehow argue why such a change would be useful, I encourage you to discuss and share your thoughts. Lets start it! Infection: Now instead of lowering defense, the skill increases the damage received by the target by 10-12-15-18%. The effect lasts for X seconds, after this time, it exposes damage around it, additionally, after the explosion, it silences for X seconds (The skill has become more useful after the recent changes, but still feels deficient, necro has only 2 control skills, nightmares which is not stun but only long sleep, and fear, silence sound good, not aoe just for target who had infection, combo faithful + infection could work still, just need to set max amount of player affected we dont want make whole guild silence by 1 necro). Dark Power: Increased the buff to physical and magical power: from 5-7-10-15%, to 9-12-15-18%. Additionally, necromancer gets 3/6/9/12% penetration, team members get half the effect (or crit power instead of pene) Poisonous Shield: Now skill additionally, it increases the player's magic and physical defense by 10/20/30/40% ( Skill puts the necromancer or tank at risk, incorrectly used can cause trouble, increasing defense could reduce the risk) Deathly Eye Complete skill change, necromancer summons serpent that deals magic damage (Action like Water Elemental druid, you can prioritize what target to attack with Poison Spittle. (It used to be able to change the fate of the fight for world bosses, now it is on the sidelines, now it only serves to launch a relic that gives resist (which is also unbalanced that you can, with a bit of luck, have a resist every 2 seconds) It would give a bit of freshness, and certainly would match the necromancer profile that is the summoner).
  9. Eu gostaria de sugerir essa seguinte mudança na habilidade mesmo que seja assim na aparência Minha ideia era assim Lv1 esqueletos Lv2 dk e lock Lv 3 cavaleiro sangrento aquele que você cria na t4 mapa 1 e lich que você ver na t4 mapa 1 também No Lv 4 1 cavaleiro do abismos e um ancião lich Sicerante ja enjoei o esqueleto que invoca esqueletos São os necromantes aprendiz mas ate no 32 e então esqueletos muda pelo menos a aparência
  10. This is my entry for the contest 😊 Broken porcelain wicked doll 🤫🔪
  11. 😃😃😃😃I have a question about the poisonous shield skill, my question is why in the skill description does it affect a maximum of 3 allies (6 if 4/4) when in fact it only heals the person to which the shield is applied?
  12. the bone shield needs to be modified if you don’t know how I’m going to give you an idea you can do it like that it can be used without corpses it would look like it is now and if it had it would be more resistant by the amount of corpses the logic of it and that the shield and of bones so he needs bones to get stronger in the case of the new skills the necro needs the corpse explosion skill that same damage in aerial by the amount of corpses in the place and free of the corpses disadvantage corpses destroyed with this skill cannot be used in others and the necromancer needs other skills related to the creation of the living dead we will vary put a fastama a vampire a death knights necro needs this if one of the focuses of the clasess bone tote is excellent are based on that thanks for the anticipation. but seriously, the bone shield is not holding up until normal mob or you put it on for a while or do as I said please, so the necro's shield is not bad I know that there are other classes with a similar situation like the paladin who does not use shield in itself without an ally or the sacedoter who has a weak shield too but the focus of that topic is the necro
  13. Death force Creates an aura of darkness and terror around the necromancer which will increase the probability to dealt a critical attack and also increase the critical attack damage of him and nearby allies while the ability is active. This ability will have a constant mana consumption Activation cost: 20 mana Cost: 2/4/5/6 mana every 2 secs Critical increase: 3% / 5% / 7% / 10% Critical damage increase: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% Cooldown: 30 seconds
  14. Death force Creates an aura of darkness and terror around the necromancer which will increase the probability to dealt a critical attack and also increase the critical attack damage of him and nearby allies while the ability is active. This ability will have a constant mana consumption Activation cost: 20 mana Cost: 2/4/5/6 mana every 2 secs Critical increase: 3% / 5% / 7% / 10% Critical damage increase: 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% Cooldown: 30 seconds
  15. Olá. Estou começando dois projetos para arena LVL10, sendo um Necro e outro DK. Primeiramente irei equipar o Necro e aos poucos irei aperfeiçoando. Eis os itens que comprei até o momento, em anexo. Pensei em partir para um mix com vampirismo e resistência, mas não tenho certeza se é o melhor caminho a seguir. Seria uma boa partir pro conjunto do Ragnar, já que possuo o traje, ou procurar sets da vida eterna para aumentar a vida máxima do char? Gostaria de opiniões e sugestões construtivas.
  16. Hey there, I'm quite new to game and I was wandering which class should I choose Necromancer or Shaman? I'm asking because there is going to be a new update soon and I don't know what will be more fun and more meta. Thanks for answers!👌
  17. I want to make a Necro but I can't decide which skills should I upgrade and in which order, can you guys help me?
  18. well im playing 2 years atleast with warspear. I chosed the necromancer and it was okay till i got high lvl i feel its under powered and the expert skill arent very good But none of that matter right now. Im playing the halloween event and i feel the lvl 28 dungeon is easy becouse i played necromancer and i didnt had to heal anybody they were healty and didnt took dmg at all. Finding a party who needs a necromancer is impossible to me. Usually 5-6 necro sitting at the dungeon and look for a party.
  19. Well I'm currently playing a "Hunter" class right now He's lvl 12 and I've had many dungeon quests and as the noob weakling I was (and I am still now), I always tend to ask for help from the World Chat or my Guild. So I really loved the help from the people who came over and gave it so I really want to be that kind of a player too. There are Rouge classes that also came over but they tend to be more common than others so I don't like them too much (although I heard they're too OP compared to other classes) So I really want to have a magic based player and I want to focus on helping the people in need (in dungeon quests to be specific).
  20. Well i have played Warspear like for 3 years and i never knew this contest exist LOL but nvm This is the first time I participate on a contest like this so don't be rude Name: Tikolina Class: Necromancer Llv: 25 Server : EU - Sapphire Good luck to everyone!
  21. Hello everyone, in this topic I will give some of my ideas for new expert skills for the necromancer class. Blood Sacrifice: Whenever the necromancer spends health to use a skill he will gain one stack of "Sacrifial Power" equivalent to one stack for every 100 health spent up to a total of 10 stacks. These stacks slowly go away at one stack per 5-10 seconds. When the necromancer has at least 1 stack of "Sacrificial power he will be able to heal himself or an ally for the number of stacks times 100. For example 200 heal for 2 stacks or 1000 heal for 10 stacks. When this heal is activated it will use up all stacks of "Sacrificial Power". I believe that this skill would be fairly balanced and the number of maximum stacks as well as the stack decay time can be tweaked for further balancing. Reverse Fateful Connection (can't really think of a better name): The necromancer uses the spell on a small area connecting allied heroes together causing a certain percentage of healing done to one hero to be distributed between the other heroes under the effect with the total number of heroes able to be effected by this skill up to five. I believe that this skill along with the other one has the potential for very interesting combos. Not to sound complainy but every other healing class in the game already has at least 2 healing skills (druids have like 5 healing skills which is ridiculous) and in addition to that necromancers already have the lowest heal of any healing class because we have to pay health in order to heal. Thank you for reading if you have any comments to make please feel free to write them below.
  22. Hello guys! Need be +10 to be "PRO"? Can Necromancer with staff lvl 3 beat Ranger with Cbow +10?? Please enjoy the video! | Link >> Dont forget suscribe and like if you like it | My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Reapersike245 Thank you for your attention
  23. Since necromancer spend some % of their hp for healing and shield, i think necromancers need second heal skill. and here is my suggestion. Skill Name: CURSED Necromancer will put a cursed mark to target. when its active, it reduces the speed of target's movement and every attack to target will refill the attacker's hp as many as the damage made. so this is not a direct heal, but it that can heal you as many as the damage you made to the cursed target. Other support classes got their second heal skill, necromancers need it too. leave a comment please. thanks
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