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  1. Hey guys. Hope youre enjoying the game. If youre just starting and need help questing add me to your friends list. I dont play too much these days but when i do im helping people where I can. My chars on elf side are xnzx, nwzealand and Newzealand. And Xnz on the mc side. So here to help when i can also have a lv 4 guild if you're keen to join:)
  2. Lol funny as. But i agree add me ill fight against these morons!! Warspear Trolls
  3. Newzealand


    That sucks:( I don't know what the go is with drop rates!!!! One day I got 3/3 drops ... 2x GT hood and some other gear drop! And a dude in my party got 2 ... one after the other
  4. Sorely missed! A big personality gone! Will miss reading your funny comments in wc*
  5. I love this ... Cant wait. Will be fun:*
  6. the top pics accurate but dude tobys truly heart broken in that bottom pic!
  7. bored.... Come on guys... I dont get much time to play...:(
  8. It was bugged deleted and restarted it was good as delete!!
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