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  1. List of annoying idiots

    Lol funny as. But i agree add me ill fight against these morons!! Warspear Trolls
  2. cursed

    That sucks:( I don't know what the go is with drop rates!!!! One day I got 3/3 drops ... 2x GT hood and some other gear drop! And a dude in my party got 2 ... one after the other
  3. Goodbye, quitting, leaving, urscrewed, as always.

    Sorely missed! A big personality gone! Will miss reading your funny comments in wc*
  4. [2017.07.06] Guild Castles. Part II

    I love this ... Cant wait. Will be fun:*
  5. and unable to log onto emerald again:/ gutted!
  6. Best of Urscrewed

    Nicely done
  7. and we are back cyas guys enjoy
  8. the top pics accurate but dude tobys truly heart broken in that bottom pic!
  9. bored.... Come on guys... I dont get much time to play...:(
  10. Ministry of one's who remember. .. HELP

    It was bugged deleted and restarted it was good as delete!!
  11. Ministry of one's who remember. .. HELP

    that's where I thought !
  12. I have completed most this quest and I now have the rune to throw into Mevelin's Well... but I can't find the right well! The quest won't let me see where on the map it is and I've found a few wells already in the houses, but no arrow indicating to throw the rune in! Do I have to start again or is there a pacific well somewhere?
  13. [2015.10.01] Game servers stop!

    Awww and its an hr I got time to play. But good on fixes ty:)